Sunday Currently… AKA giving my brain a break

reading: Deuteronomy! But I’m almost done 1-2 more days and I’ll be done I think! Read Deuteronomy 28 where Moses lists out the curses for disobedience. Y’all it was bad. It for sure would make me want to obey… Well maybe. I probably would be exactly like the Israelite’s. Because how often do I disobey God now…

watching: Um… The shows I’m keeping up with- NCIS, The Bachelor (I think Vanessa wins, and there have been some awesome moments that have made for good TV this season), This is us (although I don’t actually like this show, but it is written well and makes me want to come back and see what happens to the characters. Mainly to see how and when Jack dies, I think it’s getting close)

cooking: I made breakfast for the girls this morning. Scrambled eggs and sausage.

dreaming: I legit dreamed I was working at Jack in the Box last night and Nick, the bachelor, happened to be working there too. The other night I dreamed I was attached by a baby cow.

loving: chocolate (duh), chips or fries as well. Basically all things unhealthy. But I’ve also loved the salads I’ve had recently… Things not food related- #thenext100days reading scripture, journaling about it, and praying

frustrated by: the fact that I feel so tired lately even though I’ve gotten lots of sleep.

listening to: Creekside bible church live from their app. So currently Matt is preaching

making: to-do lists.

missing: both my best friends!

planning: The youth retreat next weekend, the youth event next month, my trip to cali soon, maybe a trip to Washington in April, Sunday school lessons, the list goes on… I have anywhere from 3-6 meetings this week that will involve lots of planning as well… Going to try to make the verse about we plan but God directs our steps in mind during all this planning.

sniffing: my freshly washed hair. The macaroni and cheese my girl is making herself for lunch. The chips I was just snacking on.


Adults Throw Temper Tantrums Too

I’ve heard it said that the Lord uses your kids to teach you about Himself. I’ve always believed it just because people I’ve been close to have said it. But now I can believe it because it happened to me the other night.

I’ve kind of been in a funk with my relationship with the Lord lately and not been spending much time with him. As a result I’ve been down in the dumps, discontent, and really negative. A few days ago I reached bottom I guess you can say. I knew the Lord was patiently pursuing me, and waiting for me to repent, surrender and turn back to Him. And I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t turning back to Him. So of course I asked the Lord for help. To show me where my sin was, so I could turn away from it. And like always, He did, but He used one of my kids to do it.

On Saturday while one of my kids was in the midst of a fit they screamed “You guys don’t love me because you don’t let me do what I want, I never get to do what I want, You let all the others do whatever they want but I always get no answers!” My first thought was “I hate the devil.” I was thinking that because this kid, like so many in this generation, has a distorted view of love. They think that love is getting whatever they want regardless of their behavior. The devil just keeps on spinning that lie.

As I was thinking about that the Lord just knocked me to my knees. He brought me to the realization that I was acting toward Him just like my kid was acting toward me. I was mad at the Him because He wasn’t giving me the yes answer I wanted. And I threw a fit just like my kid. I stopped spending time with Him and started trying to fill the place in my heart that only He can fill with human things. I was exchanging the creator for the creation. Which only led to heartache and pain, which caused more anger at the Lord, just like the consequences my kid earned made her more mad at me.

What is there to do in that moment other than to repent, and praise Him answering prayers even when we don’t deserve it?




Christmas Spirit

elf1I’m finding it very hard this year to have any Christmas spirit. I really don’t have any… Which is very rare for me. I know it’s terrible… Especially with it being the most wonderful time of the year and all…

I’ve tried to get my Christmas spirit back. I’ve listened to Christmas music. I’ve watched several cheesy Christmas movies… And nothing. I haven’t even watched Elf, or Chevy Chases Christmas Vacation… And those are my two absolute favorite Christmas movies.
elf2I’m not quite sure why I don’t have any Christmas spirit this year.. But I think it’s because work has been really rough this past month. Our kids have been struggling big time. More than last year at this time in my opinion. The holidays are hard for them. Which doesn’t excuse behavior but it does change how we correct it. It does change how we sympathize. It does change our level of exhaustion at the end of the day. Which in turn kinda makes us long for the holidays to be over.

So if you think about it in the next few days. Say a few prayers for our kids and their hearts during this time. And for us as Teaching Parents to continue to love on and support these precious children during this difficult time for them. And that we would all remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. And He is our hope!

Come As You Are

I came to this space tonight to share a piece of my heart lately. I know I still need to post pictures and a trip recap from P-town. And I promise that is coming, along with a few other posts. But as I sat down to blog tonight I just felt all those things could wait. This is what I felt I needed to share tonight, so here goes…

I haven’t had a day off since I got back from P-town. I worked 17 days. It was a really hard 17 days. Not because 17 days is a long time but just because the days were hard. As I’ve taken time today my first day off to breath and process through the shift this song has been on my heart and mind. It’s just what I needed after this shift.

So I thought I would share it in case any of you have been having a hard time lately! I just love this verse:

“Come out of sadness 
From wherever you’ve been
Come broken hearted
Let rescue begin
Come find your mercy
Oh sinner come kneel
Earth has no sorrow
That heaven can’t heal
Earth has no sorrow
That heaven can’t heal”



I have participated in lent every year since I was in middle school. I am not part of the little c catholic church but I knew lots of people who were growing up. When I was younger I just gave up things for fun, to see if I could do it. So I would give up things like candy, chocolate, fried foods, or one year all sweets. Stuff that was challenging to me, but still fun to try to go without.

But when I was in college my reason for participating in lent changed. I started actually putting thought into what I was going to give up and how it was going to bring me closer to Jesus during that time, which is what it’s supposed to be about. The last two years I’ve struggled to come up with something to give up. Last year I decided I was going to give up a half hour of sleep every morning and spend time in the word or praying.

Coming up with something for this year was a bit harder. I had one idea all along but I didn’t want to do it. But as the season of lent drew closer I knew I should do it. When this becomes your life you know you should probably do something about it.naps1Ok really I never took 6 hour naps. But I was taking more and more 4 hour naps. I had let myself get into the habit of taking a nap almost every day after the kids left for school. Sometimes they would only be 2 hours and then I would get up but they had started to get longer and longer.

So I gave up naps for lent. I called myself crazy. When I told other people, especially the people I work with, they all thought I was crazy. But I knew it was something that would bring me closer to Jesus. I knew when I got really tired I would have to lean into him for strength, love, patience, etc. I was also hoping that I would use the time I used to nap and be productive. naps4So how did it go? First I just want to say the Lord is so GOOD and so FAITHFUL. Every time I went to Him, and leaned into Him, he came through big time. I may have told him 5 billion times I wasn’t sure I would make it the 40 days without a nap, but He still was faithful.

There was one morning I was so tired that my prayer before going out in the cottage in the morning was “God help me have love and patience with the boys this morning because I have none.” One of the boys ended up having a major attitude and was being a real toot, and I was just about to get onto him and give him consequences, which would have made the situation way worse. But I heard this small voice in my head saying just wait. So I waited and sure enough a couple of minutes later He apologized for his attitude and the things he was saying, and admitted he was so tired it was making him grumpy. So I got to tell him out of love and patience, and not out of anger, that we all get tired and grumpy and we just need to learn to not let that affect how we treat others. It was a much more effective teaching moment than it would have been had I not waited. Right after I was done telling him that I just knew the Lord had answered my prayer. naps2

There were other times that I would be so tired but I unexpectedly got to either go to bed earlier or sleep in a little longer than normal. Really anytime I was focused on Him through it He came through.

I’m not writing all this to say look at what I did, look how good I am. Because I’m not that good. There were lots of days through that period that I didn’t lean into the Lord, and I was short-tempered with the boys, I let my grumpiness determine how I dealt with the boys. I am sinful, I make mistakes, I’m not perfect. But I did want to document this year’s lent and how the Lord was so Faithful and so Good throughout.

So the question now is have I taken a nap since the season of lent ended on Easter? And the answer is yes. I have taken a total of 2 naps since then. Both of them have been this week. I took a 1 hour nap on Monday, and I took a 2.25 one on Tuesday, my first day off. I have to say I was a little scared to start napping again. I don’t want to allow myself to go back to where I was before lent. So I’m trying to only take them when I really need them.


What’s New In Bullet Points

Since I can’t seem to publish a real blog post I figured I could at least bullet point some new things in my life since the last time I blogged.

  • Christmas break for the kiddos was tiring… I was so thankful when they went back to school… To be fair we had a cottage sponsor take us out on fun outings multiple days in a row, and my work had gotten money donated for the break and had multiple events, and neither of those things are normal…. But still kinda scared for summer
  • With that said I’m trying to take less naps during the days I’m working… Once summer comes they will be non-existent. Plus there are much better things I could be doing with my time.
  • I started a new read through the bible in a year plan (although I’m like a week behind right now) it’s a context plan. It’s been good so far.
  • I moved from the staff house into a cottage. It’s only been a few days so can’t judge yet. Tomorrow is the first morning the boys will be up before me so we’ll see how that goes. And my first off days while living here are starting Saturday…
  • I have a friend from P-town who is teaching overseas in Germany and fell while rock climbing and had back surgery and doesn’t have much feeling in her legs. But she is a rockstar and is praising God through it all. Check out her blog here and also you can get regular updates on her Post Hope Page.
  • I’m thinking as a birthday present to myself (yes I know it’s a little less than 8 months away) I’m going to get a dog! There are other reasons why I’m waiting until then other than just a birthday present to myself. But that one sounds the best lol.

I think that’s it on new stuff. Hopefully I’ll be back soon to write a meaningful post soon. Until then… I miss you all!

It’s Tuesday… It’s Tuesday… It’s Tuesday

IMG_3688Today is Tuesday… And you all know that already… So I know your response was probably “Duh Juliann!!” But please just let me explain… I’m trying to remind myself that it’s only Tuesday… Because for some reason I keep thinking it’s Friday. I’m not quite sure why I feel as though it’s Friday.

It may be because I started in a new department at work today. So I was in training today… Meaning I sat at someone’s desk and they talked all day long. I’m working 9am-6am, which is my trainer’s schedule. So I’m home at a weird time.

It may also be because I’m home on a Tuesday night… And it’s the second night in a row that I’ve been home… All last month being home two nights in a row meant the second night was a Friday night… Not a Tuesday night…

Regardless…. I keep telling myself it’s only Tuesday… I still have to get up and go to work tomorrow. Which is a bummer… Because I would much rather be in a place that looks like the above picture! Especially since this beach lovin’ girl hasn’t been to the beach since May… I’m going through withdrawals!

Things that make your birthday great!

I turned 25 last week. 25 seems so much more adult than 24 or 23 did. Yes I know it’s a year older so it should seem that way. But it’s still weird. I feel as though I should be all grown up or something. Anywho… Since I had an awesome birthday I thought I would share with you some of the things (not in any particular order) that made my birthday so awesome!

1. I started celebrating the night before! What can I say that’s how I roll!  We had family dinner where I got to pick the meal and dessert. And we hung out talking and having fun!

2. Frito Pie.. Yup it’s good!

3. Being able to open up my presents from my family first thing in the morning! (I used to have to wait all day until the evening after dinner… that’s lame sauce! lol)

4. Phone calls or FaceTime calls with family and friends in California! It’s awesome that even though I’m halfway across the country I can still celebrate with them as well!

5. The NCIS Season Premier… There may have been many distractions, and pauses, and kids running around being loud. But hey I got to watch it when it aired. And I caught most of what was going on! I’d say it was a win and it made my birthday great!

6. My Texas Family. They are such a huge blessing in my life and they made the day, and night before, so much better! So thankful for them!

7. Cookie butter… Self explanatory if you’ve read this post.

8. Marble cake… It’s pretty much delicious. And it’s my second favorite (right behind Texas Sheet Cake).

9. Brownies and Ice Cream…. Yup it was my birthday and calories don’t count… lol I wish!

10. Facebook… When Facebook tells all your friends it’s your birthday, they write on your timeline in droves! And it makes the day that much more special. Thanks to all who wished me a happy day!

11. All my friends who came to my party! And even the ones who couldn’t make it because I knew they wanted to be there but just couldn’t! Thanks y’all!

12. Homemade salsa, sausage balls, and wings… So good…

13. All the wonderful gifts I was blessed with!

14. The work day did not drag on! It was a bummer that I had to be at work. But the day went by fast.

I’m sure there were many more things that made it great. But that’s all I can think of right now! So again thanks to everyone who helped make my birthday awesome! And lots of thanks to the Lord who blessed me with this past year of life!


I’ve been a little MIA over here lately because life is just busy. But good busy. Doing lots of fun stuff. Here’s a little recap of the past few days and my plans for the rest of the week

Saturday- Blood drive at church, and a Graduation/Going away party for one of our youth. She left for Navy Boot camp on Tuesday. Then swimming was on the agenda but it started pouring rain and didn’t let up for a long time.

Sunday- Sunday School, Church, In-door Picnic.

Monday- Work, and then packing for my trip. And by packing I mean I put all my clothes in a duffel bag. But didn’t pack much else lol oops. Also I learned how to play part of a song we will be doing Sunday evening.

Tuesday- Work, then band practice for “Awaken” our worship time this coming Sunday Evening!

Today- Work, stopping by the store for some last-minute stuff, and dessert for later tonight. Youth group. Then dinner, dessert, and Dexter watching with Elyse and Brian. Then I’ll head home to finish packing (everything but bathroom stuff I’ll need in the morning).

Tomorrow- Put the final stuff in my duffel bag and head to work. Leaving at 3 to head to the airport. Flying to P-town. Then picking up the rental car and heading to the end of Katie’s Bachelorette Party! Staying with Katie that night.

Friday- Up early to have breakfast with Laura, and to hang out and talk. Then I’ll meet up with Naomi for lunch! Afternoon plans are not set in stone. The next thing I know for sure is dinner with Ashley and Matt, Brynn and Chad, and maybe Angela and Josh!

Saturday- Helping set up the reception venue for Katie and Bryan’s wedding. Attending their wedding and reception! And then I have no idea.

Sunday- Get up ridiculously early to return my rental car and fly back home! Head to Jess and Laura’s to relieve Sierra of Ruby (their dog) duty. Then heading to church at 4 for practice before Awaken. Awaken, and snow-cones afterward! And then back to Jess and Laura’s to house/dog sit!

So if I continue to be a little MIA over here… Now you know why! But I’ll be back next week with pictures from P-town for sure!