When you miss your best friend…

I’m a bit behind on blogging about trips I’ve taken lately… In order to catch up I gotta take y’all back to September of last year.

You see I was missing Lydia big time. So I started looking at plane tickets to Washington. Found some good flights for October and was texting Lydia about it. It didn’t end up working out for October. But when October hit I knew I needed to get up there.. So I booked some tickets for November. Yes that meant I would go to Washington and then shortly after head to Cali for thanksgiving but I didn’t care. I needed to go!

We didn’t do much while I was there… It was cold, so I spent most of my time under a heated blanket turned on high with Daphne in my lap. But it was nice. So here are some pictures from the trip.

IMG_5824 IMG_5825 IMG_5826 IMG_5836 IMG_5851 IMG_5871


Telephones, Decorations, and Life!

blogbutton2.2Happy Wednesday! I’m here, I have my attitude of gratitude on, and I’m excited! I am also pretty sure my lovely co-host Stormy Normy is joining us today. So make sure to visit her blog as well!! (although her post probably won’t be up till this evening). As always feel free to join us by leaving comments, or by posting your own blog!

On Monday evening I had not just one but two phone dates with friends from P-town. They were both sooo good! It was so nice being able to catch up with their lives and tell them about mine. And just to laugh together, talk about the Lord together, and just all that goes with catching up. I don’t do this nearly enough with all my friends from P-town. But I am so thankful that our friendships go deeper than that, and that when we do finally get to talk we pick up right where we left off and catch each other up!

As you saw on Facebook Lydia and I decorated our apartment for St. Patrick’s Day! Which is in 25 days! So I am pretty excited about that! And I’m thankful for a roommate that puts up with my obsession with St. Patrick’s Day and allows me to plaster green all over our apartment for the month!

This one may sound a little weird at first, but I’ll explain and it may make more sense after that. I am thankful that I have fallen 2-3 weeks behind on all the tv shows that I watch. The reason I’ve fallen behind is I’ve been busy doing other stuff. Other stuff as in hanging out with friends or neighbors, going to Bible Studies, or church, road-tripping, my roommates client-counseling competition. Basically participating in life and having a blast!

And now just some listed things I’m thankful for… Books, friends, laughter, running, shamrocks, spaghetti, music, and drums.

What can I say… I Guess I’m Blessed!



People I Love In California

While in California I got to hang out with lots of other awesome people! People whom I love and am super thankful for! I would love to give them all their own separate post because they are all that special to me. And maybe someday I will… But for today I’m just going to make this a really long blog post and talk about them all! And I’ll just go in order of when I saw them.

First up- Daniel, Wendi, Keeli, and Dani
I love this family! I have known Daniel and Wendi for a very long time. And we all have been very close friends for a long time. Their two little girls are adorable. And I absolutely love them! I wish I could be around a whole lot more to hang out with them and watch them grow up.
This trip on Saturday after I hung out with my brother for a while, I met Wendi, Keeli, Dani, Wendi’s sister Traci, and her friend Red at the zoo. I got to see the new sea-lion cove that they built and we walked around to see all the different animals. Mostly I was just excited to be hanging out with all of them. After the zoo we went to eat at Chick-Fil-A of course! And both girls wanted to sit by me, so I had one on each side! It was precious! After that we stopped by Wendi’s grandparents house and I got to chit-chat with them for a bit. Then we went to their house and I watched as Keeli and Dani decorated the tree some. Wendi put Dani down to sleep. Then before I left for the evening we all (including Daniel) played some Uno-Moo! It was way fun!
I got to hang out with all of them again on Monday afternoon. This time I helped them hang up their Christmas lights (seems to be a tradition now!). And we played games (including a very long round of Uno-Moo which turned out to be pretty funny) and got some good time in with the girls! I sure miss them a lot when I’m not around! We took some cute pictures which y’all have seen on facebook! And when it was time to say goodbye it was very very sad. I was so very close to tears!

Next up- Toni and Marie and really all the people of my church back home!
It was great to see everyone from church, and be able to briefly catch up with them! After church Toni, Marie, and I headed over to Me’N’Eds pizza for lunch. First off let me just say the pizza was delicious! And then getting to talk for a couple of hours with both Toni and Marie was really good too! They are awesome women! And we just chatted away in the pizza place!

Ernie and Susie-
After Toni, Marie, and I had talked for a few hours I left them and headed over to Ernie and Susie’s house. Now I have known them since I was a little girl. They’ve known my family forever. I used to go to the same church as they do. And I am mostly their adopted daughter. Ernie used to tell me all the time “If you were my daughter I would buy you whatever you wanted.” They are wonderful, loving people as well! After I moved up to P-town for school I hardly ever saw them. I had changed churches the year before I moved and so when I would come home to visit I would go there and not to Harvest, where Ernie and Susie go. So last year when I went home I decided I needed to make time to see them since it had been forever and I truly missed them. It was such a good time. So this year when I went home I knew I had to visit again! So I did. We had a good chat and watched some football, cracked some jokes, and just enjoyed each others company. I am so thankful for their love and support.

Virginia (aka Mom) Ellyann, and Abigail-
Luke and Virginia were leaders of a camp I went to in high school. Since then I have stayed pretty close with them and go visit them whenever I’m home, since they only live a couple of towns over. Luke was back at school teaching when I went to visit, but I still had a fun time with Virginia and her two cute little girls. We caught up on life and our relationships with the Lord and whatever else you can think of. I got to cuddle with her girls on the couch and read them books. We played outside. Ate some wonderful pb&j sandwiches with apples. And got to see just how smart her girls are! It was a really good morning and early afternoon. Virginia and I have phone dates every so often but there is nothing like talking face to face, sharing what the Lord has been teaching you and all that good stuff.

Dave, Rose, Stephanie, Cecelia-
AKA my second family, aka Normy’s family. I went across the street to their house a couple of times while I was home. It’s always entertaining over there. Dave and Rose are hilarious! And seeing Stephanie and her cute little son is always fun! Seeing how big and old Cecelia is getting makes me feel old! I remember watching her when she was only a few months old. And I’ve seen her grow up, until the last few years that is. They really are my second family! The time I spent over there this trip we just talked about life and caught up on each other’s lives.

So there you have it. All the people I hung out with and saw while I was in California! Tomorrow on the blog is I.G.I.B, and probably on Thursday I’ll post one more Cali trip recap about my time with my family. Hope to see you back here soon!

I Guess I’m Blessed Wednesday

Well hello there! Welcome to “I Guess I’m Blessed Wednesday”!! What is it you ask? I am so glad you asked! It is a new feature here on the blog! Every Wednesday Stormy Normy and I are going to post blogs about things we are thankful for, blessed by, grateful for, etc. So come back every Wednesday for our attitudes of gratitude. And if you happen to have a blog yourself we would be honored if you would join in with us! Just leave a comment on either of our blogs (Normy’s is linked through her name above) with your link and we will make sure to pop on by and show some love! And maybe someday we’ll learn how to make an official link-up with a button and everything!

So without further ado here’s what I’m feeling blessed by/thankful for:

1. My Texas family. Plain and simple- they rock! They have made Texas feel like home. Part of the reason why I love Texas so much is because of them. They have taught me so much about how to love and how to bless people. They are always there to pray for and encourage me. They genuinely care about how I’m doing, and they lovingly call me out when I try to lie about how I am. Their love for Jesus inspires me to love Him more and allow Him to work in my life more.

This week I’m feeling even more blessed by them because they helped me celebrate my birthday. We had dinner and dessert of my choosing! And when I chose not to have birthday cake they put up with it like champs! They also blessed me with some amazing gifts, even when they didn’t have to.

2. Clean water to drink. You all know I got into the bachelorette this past season, well the guy Emily picked, Jef, works for this company called People Water. And they have a drop for drop initiative. Meaning for every drop of water they sell they provide the same amount of clean water to somewhere in need. Now I’m not too familiar with how they do this, or if they are the best company out there doing it. I do follow Jef and some of the other People Water employee’s on twitter and they post a lot about bringing clean water to people and all that.

So the fact that so many places in the world do not have access to clean water has been on my mind a lot more lately. Especially since I drink at least 64 ounces of water a day myself. And I don’t have to do all that much to get the water to drink. I can simply walk down to the kitchen and fill my water bottle from the tap.

3. And last but not least for this week is my best friend Normy. I have to give all credit to her for this idea. I’ve been wanting to start a weekly post for a while and today I decided it would be on Wednesday’s. But I couldn’t come up with any good ideas on what it would be about. So I sent her a text message and asked for some ideas and she came up with the blessed/thankful idea. And if that wasn’t enough she also came up with the name “I guess I’m Blessed.” She is so creative!

She also wrote some very sweet words about our friendship on her blog today and I could not have said them better myself. I’m so glad her parents decided to buy and build their house on the empty lot diagonal from my parents house so many years ago. Because if they hadn’t we wouldn’t be best friends today… I guess I’m blessed!