5 years ago

Five years ago I graduated college.

Five years ago I was deciding where to go to grad school

Five years ago I wanted to be a counselor.

Five years ago I thought I knew how to love.

Five years ago I decided to move to Texas for grad school to be a counselor.

Five years ago I found a room in a family’s house to rent on Craigslist.

Five years ago I started dating a guy, I thought I was going to marry, 2 days before moving to Texas.

Five years ago I moved to Texas.

Five years ago I met Lydia in that family’s house.

Five years ago I met some people at a church.

Five years ago I thought I had life figured out…

As my five-year anniversary of living in Texas just passed. I thought it would be cool to think back to five years ago and remember my thoughts and my feelings. To remember what I thought I had planned out so well. To look back and see how much has changed since then… Because my oh my things have changed.

I’ll be back soon with a “today”!


Texas To Washington… Part 1

Last month I took a major roadtrip… I went through 9 states in 4 days and got to see some amazing sites I thought I would never get a chance to see… And while the roadtrip was awesome and the sites beautiful there was still a sadness to the trip. You see my friend Lydia had decided to move back to Washington, and while I supported her decision 100% I was and still am very sad to see her go. But about a month before she moved she mentioned the possibility of me driving back with her and I jumped at the opportunity. We have taken many a roadtrip in our almost 4 years of being friends. So one last hoorah seemed fitting.

It started on Wednesday night the 3rd. She picked me up at my place and while we were loading my stuff and talking with Jamie, a friend who came to say goodbye we left the car doors open not realizing there were lots of mosquitos out. So as we started driving off we were being bit by lots of mosquitos. We killed most of them but not without getting a some blood on places in her car… We just hoped it was our blood… We stayed at our friends Jess and Laura’s up near Dallas and then said goodbye to them in the morning. We met our friend Georgeanne outside of Dallas at a cute little coffee shop called C2 Cafe, and hung out for about an hour. After that we said goodbye and officially got on the road!

So here are pictures from day 1 on the road. I’ll let the pictures do the talking and interject some info along the way…IMG_4003 IMG_4022 IMG_4033 IMG_4074We stopped to eat in Oklahoma City before going to the Oklahoma City bombing national monument. We had gotten a tour guide info magazine when we stopped at the rest stop right as we got into Oklahoma and it mentioned all the local places and when I saw Toby Keith’s I love this bar and grill I immediately got on my phone to check out what they had to eat and checked their prices. They had a pretty good lunch menu so it was a must stop… Mostly because I love Toby Keith!
IMG_4083 IMG_4087 IMG_4090 IMG_4094Why yes that is a disco saddle… Pretty awesome… Also awesome were these BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and freedom fries… The best BBQ pulled pork sandwich I have ever had!
IMG_4098 IMG_4101 IMG_4121 DSC06563 DSC06567 DSC06598 DSC06607 DSC06620After leaving the Memorial we got back on the road. I don’t remember why we didn’t actually stop at this sign to take pictures but we did take some at the border the next day. We spent the night in Salina Kansas.

Some other fun things to note about the day…

In Oklahoma they have several Scenic turnout signs… We decided to take one just to see… We pulled off the highway and look out… And it’s a field… There was a sign about what was happening to the ground that you couldn’t see since it was covered in grass…. So we get back on the freeway laughing and come upon the next scenic turnout… We thought well maybe that one was just a fluke so we exit again… There may have been one little foothill to see, but again just a field… We laughed about their scenic turnouts and didn’t take anymore.

As we are driving through Kansas we had this conversation… “It’s sure windy out there” said Juliann. “Well it is Kansas” said Lydia.

All in all it was a good first say on the road! And I promise to get the next days up soon!

My Love Runs Deep

I can’t count how many times I have professed my love for Texas here on the blog… I’ve done it a lot for sure!! Mostly because I just love Texas. It’s a wonderful place.

But this morning I was reminded of one of the few (and I mean very few) things that I don’t like… Cockroaches… Blech, I get the grossies just thinking about them. The little ones are gross but they are pretty easy to kill… The ones that get me… And send me running down the street away from them… Are the huge ones… The ones the size of Texas… Give me the willy nilly’s for sure!

This morning I had come down the stairs in the parking garage at work and walking down the hallway to the doors to go into the building… And I see something near my feet and I start trying to avoid it thinking it was a frog… And then I look down and realize it’s a roach the size of Texas running right at my feet… And I freaked… Jumped over it and ran to the doors and inside… Leaving Lynne behind asking what the heck it was… Not even caring there were people in the building looking at me like I was crazy since I just ran indoors shaking out the grossies… Blech! Took me a good five minutes to get my heart rate back down!

So Texas… My love for you runs deep…. But please please please keep the roaches away from me!