Texas To Washington Day 3.1

Well hello there! I’m finally back to post another roadtrip post. If you haven’t read days 1 and 2 go read those first! This is the first part of day 3. Too many pictures to put in just one post.

On Day Three we woke up in Rapid City, SD. We loaded up and started the trek up to Mt. Rushmore. It was a gorgeous drive up there, and I’m pretty sure I took at least 50 pictures of just the road up there. Also I probably took at least 50 pictures of Mt Rushmore while we were driving around it to get up to the parking lot lol. Oh well. Mt. Rushmore was pretty awesome. They have a trail you can hike that goes around the base and gives you a good view of each of the 4 presidents. So we hiked around that. While we were hiking at one of the stops there was this group of 4 foreign guys and one of them started speaking to Lydia in a foreign language and then they all started laughing and then told us they were just trying to see if she understood. We kinda laughed with them and then went on our way. Sometimes you meet some strange people along the way.

After Mt. Rushmore we tried to go to Crazy Horse but it was super cloudy and the clouds were low. So when we got there and saw that it was $11 each to get in we just decided to continue on our journey. We stopped in the small town of Custer to walk around in all the cute little shops. This is where the pictures will end on this post.IMG_4496 IMG_4490 IMG_4476 IMG_4481 IMG_4498 IMG_4506 IMG_4511 IMG_4541 IMG_4515 IMG_4519 IMG_4520 IMG_4529 IMG_4575 IMG_4598 DSC06887 IMG_4608 DSC06888 IMG_4633 IMG_4627