Texas To Washington Day 4

So here we are finally at day 4! Our last day out on the road. We had talked about maybe making it to Yellowstone on this trip. But as we were going we kept talking about it and had looked up hotel prices and just decided it wasn’t going to happen on this trip. But Lydia had promised that I would see a buffalo. So when we decided against going to Yellowstone I told Lydia she still had to make good on her promise.

So as we set out on day 4 we were googling bison ranges and things of that nature. We found one outside of Missoula. It’s a drive through park where you get to see lots of buffalo and other animals as well. So we took the detour to go to that. I will say it was well worth it! But not because I got to see buffalo. There were a few small hikes you could take throughout the park and on one of them you get to the top of this little hill and the view off the side was AMAZING! No joke, it was one of my favorite views from the trip. It really just took my breath away. I had it as my phone home and lock screen backgrounds until recently. I could have just sat and looked at the view for hours.

As you will see from how many photos are about to follow, and like I said yesterday in day 3.2 Montana was gorgeous to drive through. I was in awe most of the time. It’s one of those places I want to take an extended vacation to so I just enjoy the beautiful scenery. IMG_4953 IMG_4962 IMG_4994 IMG_5021 IMG_5041 IMG_5073 IMG_5092 IMG_5094 IMG_5098 IMG_5104 IMG_5141 IMG_5145 IMG_5148 IMG_5166This is the view (the above picture) mentioned earlier. I can’t even express how beautiful it is, or why I’m so in love with it!
IMG_5176 IMG_5203 IMG_5216 IMG_5225 IMG_5340 IMG_5377
DSC06976 IMG_5436 IMG_5440 IMG_5481So the Washington State sign is on the left side of the highway and there is nowhere to park to get out and take picture… We also didn’t realize it was going to be on the left side until it was too late. So this is the only picture we got of it, and it’s not even that good lol.

We got to Lydia’s house around 8pm that night if I remember correctly. The next two days were spent at Lydia’s house. We hung out with her family, went on multiple walks, went horseback riding, and she showed me around the town. Then I had to say goodbye to Lydia and Daphne and fly back to Texas, which was a very sad day!

Thus ends the roadtrip from Texas to Washington that we took back in June! Thanks for reading along and looking at all the pictures!


Texas To Washington Day 3.2









Welcome to the 2nd part of day number 3. We packed a lot into our 4 days on the road and it’s been hard to get through one full day in one post.

I ended the last post heading to Devil’s Tower. So that’s where we will start this one. We hiked around the base of the tower and then ate lunch at the bottom in the little cafe there. We stopped at the border between Wyoming and Montana to take pictures. Then we drove and drove. At one point we were entertaining the thought of just driving through the night to make it all the way to Lydia’s house. We had stopped in Billings and there were little to no rooms, and the rooms that were available were like $200. We saw a sign for a smaller town up ahead and called the hotel there to see if they had room. They did so we drove there and stayed the night. So glad we did because that gave us another day to sight see on the road. But that will be in another post :). Enjoy the pictures from day 3.2
IMG_4679 IMG_4672 IMG_4675 IMG_4693 IMG_4696 IMG_4723 IMG_4732 IMG_4737 IMG_4738 IMG_4770Why yes there is a random guy in the picture… Sometimes when you ask nice people to take a photo you get random people in the photo as well 🙂
DSC06893 IMG_4777Daphne really wanted to go after the prairie dogs.
IMG_4845 IMG_4838 IMG_4827 IMG_4805 IMG_4885Montana is so pretty. I could not get over how beautiful it was. This will be more believable when I share the photos from day 4, our final day, on the road! Be back soon!

Texas To Washington Day 3.1

Well hello there! I’m finally back to post another roadtrip post. If you haven’t read days 1 and 2 go read those first! This is the first part of day 3. Too many pictures to put in just one post.

On Day Three we woke up in Rapid City, SD. We loaded up and started the trek up to Mt. Rushmore. It was a gorgeous drive up there, and I’m pretty sure I took at least 50 pictures of just the road up there. Also I probably took at least 50 pictures of Mt Rushmore while we were driving around it to get up to the parking lot lol. Oh well. Mt. Rushmore was pretty awesome. They have a trail you can hike that goes around the base and gives you a good view of each of the 4 presidents. So we hiked around that. While we were hiking at one of the stops there was this group of 4 foreign guys and one of them started speaking to Lydia in a foreign language and then they all started laughing and then told us they were just trying to see if she understood. We kinda laughed with them and then went on our way. Sometimes you meet some strange people along the way.

After Mt. Rushmore we tried to go to Crazy Horse but it was super cloudy and the clouds were low. So when we got there and saw that it was $11 each to get in we just decided to continue on our journey. We stopped in the small town of Custer to walk around in all the cute little shops. This is where the pictures will end on this post.IMG_4496 IMG_4490 IMG_4476 IMG_4481 IMG_4498 IMG_4506 IMG_4511 IMG_4541 IMG_4515 IMG_4519 IMG_4520 IMG_4529 IMG_4575 IMG_4598 DSC06887 IMG_4608 DSC06888 IMG_4633 IMG_4627

Texas To Washington… Part 2.2

As you know I’ve been sharing pictures from my roadtrip from Texas to Washington back in June. See Day 1 Here, and Day 2 part one Here. My last post left you halfway through day 2. I needed to split day 2 up because I was already at 20 photo’s for the morning and first part of the afternoon. So here is part two.

We made it into South Dakota. We of course stopped to take pictures at the signs. We decided while driving into South Dakota that we were going to stop at the Badlands and go through the park. So that’s where we headed. As we were going along we started seeing these signs for the Petrified Wood Gardens. They were every couple of miles and then every mile and then every 500 ft and so on. If you’ve ever been to Texas and seen the billboards for Buc-ee’s then you can kinda imagine what these were like, except they were hand painted. We figured it was a lot of hype for something not that great but we decided stop anyway. It was a smaller mom and pop run business that didn’t live up to the hype of the signs, but was still worth the stop.

After we stopped there we got back on the highway and headed to the Badlands National Park. We paid to get in and as we were driving to the first scenic turnout, Lydia and I are asking each other whether we think this place is going to be worth the money it took to get in, not that it was that much, but we had no idea what we were getting into. So we pull into the first turnout and get out of the car and literally we were both knocked on our butts with the beauty of what we saw. We both looked at each other and said even if this is all there is, this was worth it. If y’all ever find yourself in South Dakota make sure you visit the badlands. It’s worth the trip!

Because we hadn’t researched what it was and all that, we only had limited time in the park. We got their later in the afternoon and had only been snacking on animal crackers and costco’s pub mix since breakfast. We also needed to make it to Rapid City at a decent time to get a hotel. So we were pretty rushed through the park.We would have loved to have hiked more than we did in the park, and spent more time at each spot. But we did enjoy it nonetheless. I have to say it was probably one of the favorite parts of the trip for both of us.

So here are the pictures… Warning there are a lot… They were just sooooo pretty I couldn’t help but share! And just know that the pictures really don’t do justice to how beautiful it was. IMG_4279 IMG_4281 IMG_4290 IMG_4295 IMG_4296 IMG_4353 IMG_4309 IMG_4308 DSC06668 DSC06640 IMG_4363 IMG_4358 IMG_4379 IMG_4395 IMG_4406 IMG_4409 IMG_4410 IMG_4414 IMG_4417 IMG_4421 IMG_4428 IMG_4429 IMG_4435 IMG_4443 IMG_4449 IMG_4452 IMG_4454 IMG_4471 DSC06674 DSC06679 DSC06689 DSC06694 DSC06707 DSC06715 DSC06729 DSC06735 DSC06757 DSC06798 DSC06805 DSC06813 DSC06841 DSC06848

Texas To Washington… Part 2

Day 2 of our roadtrip found us waking up in Kansas and a huge storm passing through. Thankfully the worse of it was in Wichita and we only had a side of it in Salina. We waited for it to pass a little bit and for a break in the rain, once that happened we made a break for the car… Of course right as we got out the door it started pouring again. So we got pretty soaked loading up but that’s ok.

We drove and when we got to the border at Kansas and Nebraska we crossed the street to take pictures at the Kansas sign since we missed it the day before as well as taking pictures with the Nebraska sign. It was really windy so don’t mind my crazy hair in those photos.

We covered a lot of ground this day, we spent that night in South Dakota, but as I was going through photo’s I was already at 20 photos to share before even making it to South Dakota and the Badlands. So I’m breaking this day up into 2 posts. The photos are from all morning and early afternoon until we hit the South Dakota border.IMG_4137This is where Daphne spent the majority of the trip 🙂 We have lots of pictures of her right here but she just looks so cute sometimes you have to take a picture
IMG_4139 IMG_4157 IMG_4164 IMG_4166 IMG_4172Again please don’t mind my crazy hair. It was so windy out.
IMG_4178I live on a ranch in Texas and across the street are lots and lots of corn fields… But in June when we took this trip our cornfields in TX were close to 6 foot already and almost ready to be harvested… Here are the cornfields in Nebraska in June… It was a crazy difference
IMG_4194Daphne found Nebraska to be very, very boring
IMG_4199We saw this church while driving from a ways back and decided we needed to pull off the road and go take pictures of it. So pretty. Of course Daphne had to get in on the action and see why we were pulling over
IMG_4210 IMG_4215 IMG_4220IMG_4228 IMG_4231We saw the sign for the NE national forest and decided to pull off to stretch our legs a bit and let the dog get some energy out. We didn’t go too far into the forest because right as we pulled off they had this pretty little lake area to walk around so that’s what we did.
IMG_4233 IMG_4236 IMG_4241 IMG_4254 IMG_4264 IMG_4268The rest of Day 2 will be posted sometime soon! The rest of Day 2 is one of both Lydia’s and my favorite parts of the trip! Stay tuned…


Texas To Washington… Part 1

Last month I took a major roadtrip… I went through 9 states in 4 days and got to see some amazing sites I thought I would never get a chance to see… And while the roadtrip was awesome and the sites beautiful there was still a sadness to the trip. You see my friend Lydia had decided to move back to Washington, and while I supported her decision 100% I was and still am very sad to see her go. But about a month before she moved she mentioned the possibility of me driving back with her and I jumped at the opportunity. We have taken many a roadtrip in our almost 4 years of being friends. So one last hoorah seemed fitting.

It started on Wednesday night the 3rd. She picked me up at my place and while we were loading my stuff and talking with Jamie, a friend who came to say goodbye we left the car doors open not realizing there were lots of mosquitos out. So as we started driving off we were being bit by lots of mosquitos. We killed most of them but not without getting a some blood on places in her car… We just hoped it was our blood… We stayed at our friends Jess and Laura’s up near Dallas and then said goodbye to them in the morning. We met our friend Georgeanne outside of Dallas at a cute little coffee shop called C2 Cafe, and hung out for about an hour. After that we said goodbye and officially got on the road!

So here are pictures from day 1 on the road. I’ll let the pictures do the talking and interject some info along the way…IMG_4003 IMG_4022 IMG_4033 IMG_4074We stopped to eat in Oklahoma City before going to the Oklahoma City bombing national monument. We had gotten a tour guide info magazine when we stopped at the rest stop right as we got into Oklahoma and it mentioned all the local places and when I saw Toby Keith’s I love this bar and grill I immediately got on my phone to check out what they had to eat and checked their prices. They had a pretty good lunch menu so it was a must stop… Mostly because I love Toby Keith!
IMG_4083 IMG_4087 IMG_4090 IMG_4094Why yes that is a disco saddle… Pretty awesome… Also awesome were these BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and freedom fries… The best BBQ pulled pork sandwich I have ever had!
IMG_4098 IMG_4101 IMG_4121 DSC06563 DSC06567 DSC06598 DSC06607 DSC06620After leaving the Memorial we got back on the road. I don’t remember why we didn’t actually stop at this sign to take pictures but we did take some at the border the next day. We spent the night in Salina Kansas.

Some other fun things to note about the day…

In Oklahoma they have several Scenic turnout signs… We decided to take one just to see… We pulled off the highway and look out… And it’s a field… There was a sign about what was happening to the ground that you couldn’t see since it was covered in grass…. So we get back on the freeway laughing and come upon the next scenic turnout… We thought well maybe that one was just a fluke so we exit again… There may have been one little foothill to see, but again just a field… We laughed about their scenic turnouts and didn’t take anymore.

As we are driving through Kansas we had this conversation… “It’s sure windy out there” said Juliann. “Well it is Kansas” said Lydia.

All in all it was a good first say on the road! And I promise to get the next days up soon!

Memorial Day 2014

So I’m a little bit behind on blogging yet again… Surprise Surprise. Memorial day weekend was awhile ago yes I know. But I finally have some time to blog about it!

So the weekend consisted of packing and moving out of the apartment. Boring I know…. But Lydia and I made up for that on Monday when we took a quick road trip down to San Antonio to hang out with some friends for the day. It was supposed to storm all day long so we went out to eat lunch. I don’t remember the restaurant name but it was a little mom and pop mexican restaurant. And it was dang good! After living in Texas for almost 4 years I finally found a restaurant salsa that I actually like.

After lunch we decided it looked like it was clearing up so we decided to chance going to Sea World. I haven’t been to Sea World since I was in high school and it was the one in San Diego. The day ended up being perfect! It wasn’t too hot and because of the rain it wasn’t packed. So there were no lines for the rides and all the shows we got great seating! We were at the park all afternoon and until it closed. We rode some water rides in the middle of the afternoon and were still wet when we left… So on the way home we stopped by Wal-Mart to get some dry clothes. Definitely a sign of a good day!

DSC06327 DSC06350IMG_3907IMG_3910IMG_3930IMG_3940IMG_3943IMG_3972DSC06412IMG_3997

I Guess I’m Blessed Wednesday!!

ImageIt is time to put on our attitude’s of gratitude once again! This week I’m changing it up… And by that I mean I’m giving a challenge to my readers! So if you are reading this I challenge you to put on your attitude of gratitude and in the comments section leave one or two things that you are thankful for/blessed by/grateful for!

I’m thankful for the desire the Lord put on my heart to get back into His Word. Because I have enjoyed reading/studying it this past week and a halfish. I’ve been noticing things I never noticed before and been reminded of some really good truths as well!

I’m thankful for Lydia. I’m thankful that the Lord brought us both to Texas. We have a whole lot of fun and laughter together. I’m also thankful that she likes going on roadtrips as much as I do. Especially when my wanderer’s heart starts calling to me, because all I have to say is let’s go on a roadtrip somewhere and she is ready to go!

I’m grateful for the invention of the croc-pot. There are so many delicious meals that are simply made by sticking everything in the cro-pot and turning it on and leaving it alone for the day. Super easy, and really good!

Some other things I’m grateful for- podcasts, ab muscles, laughter, neighbors, prayer, old navy, and boots!