Sunday Currently… AKA giving my brain a break

reading: Deuteronomy! But I’m almost done 1-2 more days and I’ll be done I think! Read Deuteronomy 28 where Moses lists out the curses for disobedience. Y’all it was bad. It for sure would make me want to obey… Well maybe. I probably would be exactly like the Israelite’s. Because how often do I disobey God now…

watching: Um… The shows I’m keeping up with- NCIS, The Bachelor (I think Vanessa wins, and there have been some awesome moments that have made for good TV this season), This is us (although I don’t actually like this show, but it is written well and makes me want to come back and see what happens to the characters. Mainly to see how and when Jack dies, I think it’s getting close)

cooking: I made breakfast for the girls this morning. Scrambled eggs and sausage.

dreaming: I legit dreamed I was working at Jack in the Box last night and Nick, the bachelor, happened to be working there too. The other night I dreamed I was attached by a baby cow.

loving: chocolate (duh), chips or fries as well. Basically all things unhealthy. But I’ve also loved the salads I’ve had recently… Things not food related- #thenext100days reading scripture, journaling about it, and praying

frustrated by: the fact that I feel so tired lately even though I’ve gotten lots of sleep.

listening to: Creekside bible church live from their app. So currently Matt is preaching

making: to-do lists.

missing: both my best friends!

planning: The youth retreat next weekend, the youth event next month, my trip to cali soon, maybe a trip to Washington in April, Sunday school lessons, the list goes on… I have anywhere from 3-6 meetings this week that will involve lots of planning as well… Going to try to make the verse about we plan but God directs our steps in mind during all this planning.

sniffing: my freshly washed hair. The macaroni and cheese my girl is making herself for lunch. The chips I was just snacking on.



IMG_2495Good Morning! And Happy February!

This year I decided I wanted to do an update on my “devoted to’s” at the end of every month… Since yesterday was the end of the month and I didn’t do an update… I thought I would do it today!

Reading through the Bible- I am going strong on this one! I am 9% of the way through the bible according to the bible app on my phone. I finished Genesis and I’m halfway through Exodus, and in Matthew I’m in chapter 22. So you definitely read through the New Testament way slower than the Old. I have been enjoying this read through a lot! I have definitely found some new things in the text, and it’s just been all around good.
For this next month I want to add in in-depth studying of one of the books of the Bible. Not sure which one yet, but I’ll let y’all know when I decide!

Praying for others- I have been much better about this this month than I have in a very long time. But I do know over the course of the month I stopped focusing so much on it and let it slip a little. So I’m picking it back up this month and making it a priority!

In other news: Tomorrow is Groundhog day! And I sure hope Mr. Phil says spring is coming early this year!