Thanksgiving Trip To Cali

IMG_1052I went to Cali for Thanksgiving, which is old news… What isn’t old news is that I didn’t get my real camera out once… Yikes. I took a few iPhone photos but not many.

Why you ask? There is a time and place that taking photos to remember the moment forever is good. But this trip I really just wanted to be present. I wanted to enjoy the moments without worrying about capturing it on camera. So that’s what I did.

The result?? A really good trip. I spent a lot of time with my family. I spent time with friends. I felt the Lord’s hand all over the trip and had a really good time.

I’d say I succeeded at being present and enjoying the moments. I bet I’ll be trying it more often!


Texas To Washington… Part 2

Day 2 of our roadtrip found us waking up in Kansas and a huge storm passing through. Thankfully the worse of it was in Wichita and we only had a side of it in Salina. We waited for it to pass a little bit and for a break in the rain, once that happened we made a break for the car… Of course right as we got out the door it started pouring again. So we got pretty soaked loading up but that’s ok.

We drove and when we got to the border at Kansas and Nebraska we crossed the street to take pictures at the Kansas sign since we missed it the day before as well as taking pictures with the Nebraska sign. It was really windy so don’t mind my crazy hair in those photos.

We covered a lot of ground this day, we spent that night in South Dakota, but as I was going through photo’s I was already at 20 photos to share before even making it to South Dakota and the Badlands. So I’m breaking this day up into 2 posts. The photos are from all morning and early afternoon until we hit the South Dakota border.IMG_4137This is where Daphne spent the majority of the trip 🙂 We have lots of pictures of her right here but she just looks so cute sometimes you have to take a picture
IMG_4139 IMG_4157 IMG_4164 IMG_4166 IMG_4172Again please don’t mind my crazy hair. It was so windy out.
IMG_4178I live on a ranch in Texas and across the street are lots and lots of corn fields… But in June when we took this trip our cornfields in TX were close to 6 foot already and almost ready to be harvested… Here are the cornfields in Nebraska in June… It was a crazy difference
IMG_4194Daphne found Nebraska to be very, very boring
IMG_4199We saw this church while driving from a ways back and decided we needed to pull off the road and go take pictures of it. So pretty. Of course Daphne had to get in on the action and see why we were pulling over
IMG_4210 IMG_4215 IMG_4220IMG_4228 IMG_4231We saw the sign for the NE national forest and decided to pull off to stretch our legs a bit and let the dog get some energy out. We didn’t go too far into the forest because right as we pulled off they had this pretty little lake area to walk around so that’s what we did.
IMG_4233 IMG_4236 IMG_4241 IMG_4254 IMG_4264 IMG_4268The rest of Day 2 will be posted sometime soon! The rest of Day 2 is one of both Lydia’s and my favorite parts of the trip! Stay tuned…


Mi Familia

Here we are with my final California Recap Post! Yahoo!! It only took me a week and 2 days after getting back to finish! Not bad I’d say!

I don’t have that many pictures to share with you. Because like I said in my first post I didn’t take any pictures with my family. We were going to take some family ones Saturday morning before my brothers and I went to hang out. But Scott ended up getting sick and didn’t go with Brendan and I. So we didn’t take family ones. And I didn’t even realize till after I got back to Texas that I hadn’t taken any with them.

The only ones I did take happen to be on a mini-golf course with Brendan. And we only took them because we were going through the course way to quickly and we wanted to slow down. So we started taking silly pictures with all the props. Which are all on Facebook. But I’ll share one with you just because…

brenme1My time with the family was really good. Thanksgiving itself was really good! My Grandpa Jim, and Grandma Di came for thanksgiving. It was nice getting to see them this year because it’s been a few years since I’ve seen them. They didn’t come to thanksgiving last year, so I believe and the year before that I didn’t go home for thanksgiving or Christmas. So it’s been a long while! As always the food was excellent! My mom puts together a mean thanksgiving dinner!

I spent all but one evening (not including my first night in town), at home with my parents. I would be out hanging with friends during the day and spend evenings at home. It works out well because then I get time with both my mom and dad (since he is home from work by then). We talk on the phone often and Facetime fairly regularly. But being face to face is still better. So it was really good. We watched tv, or just hung out and talked, and my dad and I played some cards. We also went to Sal’s Mexican Restaurant to eat on Sunday night! Yum yum! I got some chili verde! And got to eat some of the best salsa there is! Also that night they took me to meet baby Sawyer, one of the cutest little baby boys out there! He belongs to some close friends of my parents. And my mom gets to hang out with him a lot! She is like another grandma to him. He also continued my streak of every baby that I hold spitting up on me, which I don’t mind at all. We just have so much fun they can’t hold their food in anymore!

Saturday morning was supposed to be sibling hang out day. So Brendan, Scott, Heather, and I were all going to go to brunch at Mimi’s Cafe and then to Boomers to play some mini-golf. But like I said earlier Scott was sick, so just Brendan and I ended up going. We had a blast. Mimi’s Cafe is sooo good! And then we were our crazy selves on the mini-golf course. Where I kicked his butt! Lol really he just had two bad holes that cost him. After mini-golf we decided to play some arcade games. They had bouncy balls in their prizes for 150 tickets so I told Him we had to get at least that because I needed one (I collect them) and then however many more tickets for what he wanted. So we got a game card with money on it and one of the first games we played was the cyclone game where you try to hit the button when the light is on the jackpot. And my first try I hit it! Bam 102 tickets just like that! It was awesome. We played skiball which he kicked my butt in, we raced which he also kicked my butt, we played a shooting zombies game which he also kicked my butt at, we played a couple of rounds of air hockey and I think we each won a round, we played deal or no deal, and a few others. It was fun! We had a good time together! And then we had to say goodbye when he dropped me off at the zoo since he was heading home after that. Super sad! 😦

Other than thanksgiving I didn’t get to hang out with Scott and Heather. Which was a super bummer!!!! Heather ended up getting sick too. I wish I had another day in town so that I could have gone and hung out with them too! But they are getting married in April (which isn’t that far away) so I will be able to see them and hang out with them then!

All in all it was a really good trip! It went by way to fast though. Like way way too fast. So much so that I wasn’t ready to come back to Texas. I would have liked a few more days in Cali!

So now you have finally heard all about my California trip, probably in way more detail than you ever cared to have! 🙂

I.G.I.B #6

Why hello there! It’s Wednesday! And that means it’s “I Guess I’m Blessed” with Stormy Normy time!! As always feel free to join us by leaving a link to your post in the comments!

This week I’m changing up my style a bit. I’m going “I Guess I’m Blessed” Wordless Wednesday style. I’m going to let the pictures do the talking about the things I’m thankful/grateful for, or blessed by. So without further ado…

What can I say…. I Guess I’m Blessed!