Blogtember Days 1 & 2


Hello there! For those of you who don’t know I’m Juliann. I grew up in California, went to college in Oregon and 6 years ago packed up and moved to Texas. I’ve built a life here with good friends, who I now consider family, and a dream job I didn’t even know how to dream up!

A few more specifics about me-13227677_10100816781754921_972065330500600837_o 13716187_10100857828297321_1450750571759806007_nI have a dog. She’s an all white Siberian husky. And she’s pretty spoiled. Although She’s almost gone up for sale a few times for destroying my things, I wouldn’t trade her for anything.

14124368_10100880733929251_6701147688707191272_oI’m a mom to a whole bunch of teenage boys, so I’m learning the world of football, tying ties, and the best way to not have your house smell like gross boys.

10675_10100525938751631_2744128066841476576_n (1)Sunrises and Sunsets are some of my favorite things. The Lord paints some beautiful skies here in Texas and I take tons of pictures to share the beauty.

And the most important thing about me? I love Jesus, and I strive to live my showing his love to everyone I meet.

My goals for the month are simple. 1. Start running again and be able to run 1.5 miles easily. And 2. Participate in at least half of the blogtember prompts.



Gotta Love Bullet Points….

Want a quick run down of my life lately in bullet points??? Oh great, I’m so glad because I’m not sure I can form coherent paragraphs.

  • Tomorrow is my last day of my first official 8-day shift.
  • I love my job. Huge fan of all my kids!
  • The Lord has been blowing my socks off (remind me to tell y’all about all the answered prayers at some point).
  • I leave for Cali on Wednesday!
  • It has been seriously cold here for the past few days… Like 30’s and 40’s and raining… Makes me feel like I’m back in P-town… Also it makes me very cold… all the time!
  • Saw the new Thor movie today… I haven’t seen any of the marvel movies (except the spiderman’s and those were never by my choice)… But it was actually pretty good.
  • My new phone case came in today… It’s really pretty… But I was really sad to take my old one off…. Probably I’ll be switching back and forth frequently.
  • Helped decorate a cottage for Christmas this evening! Now I just need to watch Elf and start listening to Christmas music and I’ll be good to go!
  • Found a really cute husky I want. She isn’t available until January, and there are lots of hoops to jump through. But I’m trying… So we’ll see how it goes

Guess that’s it for now! See you soon!

How To Cure “The Monday’s” #4

Today, I discovered another cure for “The Monday’s.” If you don’t remember the first 3 ways then go here, here, or here. These all had to do with having food in a crocpot to look forward to for dinner. Today’s is a little different, and you can thank my new job for that!

So for the past 2 weeks I have been in training, mostly classroom training, and the evenings were working with the kids. But today marked the end of our classroom training! Oh ya! Starting tomorrow I will be working with the kids. So the classroom training has ended and now the hands-on training begins!

But to culminate our training they scheduled a graduation ceremony for us today. So we had a lunch where they presented our certificates, let everyone know where we would be working, and a little about each of us. Then we got to partake of some wonderful homemade fried chicken, baked, beans, salad, and some wonderful dessert. Definitely cured my case of “the Monday’s.” And if that didn’t then having the rest of the day off for sure did 🙂


The Newy News!

I have so much new stuff to tell you about! But I do not have the time tonight… Super bummer! But I do have 4 new things I will share with you.

1. IMG_0042I got my hair cut! And I love it. It’s a little shorter than I went last time! But I still love it!

2. IMG_4834You probably already saw this on Facebook… But I started Hebrews last night! I’ve been looking forward to this for a while! I just love Hebrews! And Jeremiah has been really good too!

3. IMG_0495 (1)Started my new job training this morning… Don’t worry there will be a whole post on this sometime soon… But for now… Just know I brought lots of Elephants!

4. I will be in California in…. 22 days!!!! (not including today since it’s almost over!) Excited!