Thanksgiving Trip To Cali

IMG_1052I went to Cali for Thanksgiving, which is old news… What isn’t old news is that I didn’t get my real camera out once… Yikes. I took a few iPhone photos but not many.

Why you ask? There is a time and place that taking photos to remember the moment forever is good. But this trip I really just wanted to be present. I wanted to enjoy the moments without worrying about capturing it on camera. So that’s what I did.

The result?? A really good trip. I spent a lot of time with my family. I spent time with friends. I felt the Lord’s hand all over the trip and had a really good time.

I’d say I succeeded at being present and enjoying the moments. I bet I’ll be trying it more often!


Texas To Washington Day 4

So here we are finally at day 4! Our last day out on the road. We had talked about maybe making it to Yellowstone on this trip. But as we were going we kept talking about it and had looked up hotel prices and just decided it wasn’t going to happen on this trip. But Lydia had promised that I would see a buffalo. So when we decided against going to Yellowstone I told Lydia she still had to make good on her promise.

So as we set out on day 4 we were googling bison ranges and things of that nature. We found one outside of Missoula. It’s a drive through park where you get to see lots of buffalo and other animals as well. So we took the detour to go to that. I will say it was well worth it! But not because I got to see buffalo. There were a few small hikes you could take throughout the park and on one of them you get to the top of this little hill and the view off the side was AMAZING! No joke, it was one of my favorite views from the trip. It really just took my breath away. I had it as my phone home and lock screen backgrounds until recently. I could have just sat and looked at the view for hours.

As you will see from how many photos are about to follow, and like I said yesterday in day 3.2 Montana was gorgeous to drive through. I was in awe most of the time. It’s one of those places I want to take an extended vacation to so I just enjoy the beautiful scenery. IMG_4953 IMG_4962 IMG_4994 IMG_5021 IMG_5041 IMG_5073 IMG_5092 IMG_5094 IMG_5098 IMG_5104 IMG_5141 IMG_5145 IMG_5148 IMG_5166This is the view (the above picture) mentioned earlier. I can’t even express how beautiful it is, or why I’m so in love with it!
IMG_5176 IMG_5203 IMG_5216 IMG_5225 IMG_5340 IMG_5377
DSC06976 IMG_5436 IMG_5440 IMG_5481So the Washington State sign is on the left side of the highway and there is nowhere to park to get out and take picture… We also didn’t realize it was going to be on the left side until it was too late. So this is the only picture we got of it, and it’s not even that good lol.

We got to Lydia’s house around 8pm that night if I remember correctly. The next two days were spent at Lydia’s house. We hung out with her family, went on multiple walks, went horseback riding, and she showed me around the town. Then I had to say goodbye to Lydia and Daphne and fly back to Texas, which was a very sad day!

Thus ends the roadtrip from Texas to Washington that we took back in June! Thanks for reading along and looking at all the pictures!

Texas To Washington Day 3.2









Welcome to the 2nd part of day number 3. We packed a lot into our 4 days on the road and it’s been hard to get through one full day in one post.

I ended the last post heading to Devil’s Tower. So that’s where we will start this one. We hiked around the base of the tower and then ate lunch at the bottom in the little cafe there. We stopped at the border between Wyoming and Montana to take pictures. Then we drove and drove. At one point we were entertaining the thought of just driving through the night to make it all the way to Lydia’s house. We had stopped in Billings and there were little to no rooms, and the rooms that were available were like $200. We saw a sign for a smaller town up ahead and called the hotel there to see if they had room. They did so we drove there and stayed the night. So glad we did because that gave us another day to sight see on the road. But that will be in another post :). Enjoy the pictures from day 3.2
IMG_4679 IMG_4672 IMG_4675 IMG_4693 IMG_4696 IMG_4723 IMG_4732 IMG_4737 IMG_4738 IMG_4770Why yes there is a random guy in the picture… Sometimes when you ask nice people to take a photo you get random people in the photo as well 🙂
DSC06893 IMG_4777Daphne really wanted to go after the prairie dogs.
IMG_4845 IMG_4838 IMG_4827 IMG_4805 IMG_4885Montana is so pretty. I could not get over how beautiful it was. This will be more believable when I share the photos from day 4, our final day, on the road! Be back soon!

Texas To Washington Day 3.1

Well hello there! I’m finally back to post another roadtrip post. If you haven’t read days 1 and 2 go read those first! This is the first part of day 3. Too many pictures to put in just one post.

On Day Three we woke up in Rapid City, SD. We loaded up and started the trek up to Mt. Rushmore. It was a gorgeous drive up there, and I’m pretty sure I took at least 50 pictures of just the road up there. Also I probably took at least 50 pictures of Mt Rushmore while we were driving around it to get up to the parking lot lol. Oh well. Mt. Rushmore was pretty awesome. They have a trail you can hike that goes around the base and gives you a good view of each of the 4 presidents. So we hiked around that. While we were hiking at one of the stops there was this group of 4 foreign guys and one of them started speaking to Lydia in a foreign language and then they all started laughing and then told us they were just trying to see if she understood. We kinda laughed with them and then went on our way. Sometimes you meet some strange people along the way.

After Mt. Rushmore we tried to go to Crazy Horse but it was super cloudy and the clouds were low. So when we got there and saw that it was $11 each to get in we just decided to continue on our journey. We stopped in the small town of Custer to walk around in all the cute little shops. This is where the pictures will end on this post.IMG_4496 IMG_4490 IMG_4476 IMG_4481 IMG_4498 IMG_4506 IMG_4511 IMG_4541 IMG_4515 IMG_4519 IMG_4520 IMG_4529 IMG_4575 IMG_4598 DSC06887 IMG_4608 DSC06888 IMG_4633 IMG_4627

Memorial Day 2014

So I’m a little bit behind on blogging yet again… Surprise Surprise. Memorial day weekend was awhile ago yes I know. But I finally have some time to blog about it!

So the weekend consisted of packing and moving out of the apartment. Boring I know…. But Lydia and I made up for that on Monday when we took a quick road trip down to San Antonio to hang out with some friends for the day. It was supposed to storm all day long so we went out to eat lunch. I don’t remember the restaurant name but it was a little mom and pop mexican restaurant. And it was dang good! After living in Texas for almost 4 years I finally found a restaurant salsa that I actually like.

After lunch we decided it looked like it was clearing up so we decided to chance going to Sea World. I haven’t been to Sea World since I was in high school and it was the one in San Diego. The day ended up being perfect! It wasn’t too hot and because of the rain it wasn’t packed. So there were no lines for the rides and all the shows we got great seating! We were at the park all afternoon and until it closed. We rode some water rides in the middle of the afternoon and were still wet when we left… So on the way home we stopped by Wal-Mart to get some dry clothes. Definitely a sign of a good day!

DSC06327 DSC06350IMG_3907IMG_3910IMG_3930IMG_3940IMG_3943IMG_3972DSC06412IMG_3997

A Color Run

I have been dying to do a color run for about 2 years now…. But they are always pretty pricey… Usually somewhere around $50. And call me crazy but I don’t really want to pay $50 to run a 5k. I don’t mind paying between $25-$35. But $50? Ya no thank you!

But then came this little email with a discount code for 50% off the price… And I became interested. $25 to do a color run, yup sounds awesome! Trouble was Lydia was out of town and the code was only good for 5 days. So I just let it go and thought maybe some other time. Then came a facebook message from a friend at church, asking what runs Lydia and I planned on doing this year, and how she saw a color run in another town coming up. So I quickly checked my email to see if my 50% off code had expired… Turns out it was the last day. So we had 4 hours to decide yay or nay and then register… Well of course we decided yay!

20131012_165557_resizedAll in all a wonderful time! And we got drenched in the color powder!


Life as of Late…

Summer has arrived!! And since it has arrived that means life is in crazy mode! Constantly on the go doing things. So I thought I would stop by today and give a little recap on what I’ve been up to lately… Ready…paintSaturday evening. I went to a painting class with some friends. One other person who is not pictured came with us (I don’t know how she feels about her picture on blogs, so I left her out). We all had a lot of fun painting together.

I didn’t have the other’s finished product on my phone, those are on my actual camera, so the only finished one you see is mine. They all had their differences though. Susie and Lydia both had red lighthouses, Dusti did a black one, and I of course did turquoise. I mean really how could I not do turquoise when I had the paint sitting right there in front of me??

ice creamI made some homemade chocolate ice cream the other day. It was very very good! Next time we are going to try some fruity frozen yogurt or sorbet or something like that. So we’ll see how those come out! Mmm just looking at this ice cream is making me want some right now!

skyOf course I’m still snapping pictures of all the pretty sky we have here. I know I haven’t been posting much on Facebook or Instagram. But I’m still taking them don’t you worry!

booksAnd last but not least…. I went to Half Price Books on Friday evening. And I found these awesome things on the clearance rack! I was laughing pretty hard at them… And no I did not buy any of them. Just enjoyed looking at them in the store. I did buy some books though, a few on the clearance rack, and the 3rd Jack Reacher book (they didn’t have the first two, so I’ll have to go find those at other locations), and I got the movie Grumpy Old Men! I got Grumpier Old Men the other day! So now my set is complete! Love those movies!

So there you have it. What I’ve been up to lately. Some other things that are not pictured: hanging out with an adorable 5-year-old, ya know the usual- playing, going out to eat and getting frozen yogurt, cuddling on the couch, napping, and painting! Hanging out with friends. And getting very little sleep!

What have y’all been up to so far this summer??

2012 In Review

2012 has been a great year. Full of fun times! Also full of seeing the Lord’s faithfulness through good and bad in my life and in the lives of those around me! So for today’s post I thought I would do a year in review post. A lot of the blogs I read have been doing them so I thought I would join in too. Although mine won’t be super fancy with pictures (mostly because I am lazy 🙂 lol). So here goes…

1. Rang in the new year with fireworks for the first time in my life
2. Went to beautiful Cabo San Lucas with my dad and brother for a week
3. Read 9 books

1. Ran in the Rodeo Run!
2. Started my official Countdown for St. Patrick’s Day
3. Saw the Lord being faithful to His promises
4. Read 7 books

1. Started wanting a mantle, found my dream mantle/got a mantle similar
2. Was the girls D-Now leader for church with the theme “Pause” (which just so happened to be what the Lord was teaching me in my own life
3. Went to the Rodeo and saw the Eli Young Band, also fell in love with mutton busting
4. My parents mailed my entire drum set to me!
5. Read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Series, and loved it!
6. Lydia and I decorated our mantle
7. Read 7 and 1/2 books

1. Chopped off my long hair!
2. Bought my first cast iron skillet
3. Bought a dress (aka turned girly!)
4. Read 7 and 1/2 books

1. Read The Hunger Game Series and wrote this post about my feelings about it
2. Started reading books with my best friend
3. Went to Las Vegas with my dad for a weekend!
4. Went to the beach for Memorial Day!
5. Read 8 books

1. Taught the 4 and 5-year-old VBS class!
2. Studied like crazy for the GRE
3. Learned to “like” cucumbers
4. Read 3 books

1. Was sad about a bunch of rainy days but the Lord reminded me of His Promises through it
2.  Saw The Lion King Musical
3. Got addicted to Grilled cheese
4. Went to the Watermelon Festival
5. Watched the Bachelorette season finale with some Papa Murphy’s Pizza
6. Went to Dallas!
7. The Lord taught me a new way of looking at playing drums for worship on Sunday mornings
8. Read 11 and 1/2 books

1. Started dreaming of Splash Cafe’s Clam Chowder
2. Watched the Spice Girls perform at the Olympics
3. Bought a new iPhone case
4. Went Tubing!
5. Went to a lAstro’s vs Giants baseball game!
6. Read 6 and 1/2 books

1. Started running outside again after 5 months of indoor running
2. Went to the free Museum entrance day
3. Went to P-Town for my Birthday!!
4. Celebrated my Golden birthday 24 on the 24th
5. Went to Sky High with youth group
6. Read 6 books

1. Found out the best news of my life: Frankie Munez is a drummer in a band!
2. Started the “I Guess I’m Blessed” Wednesday’s weekly feature with Stormy Normy
3. Became a superhero
4. Got a new perspective on the business of life
5. Started listening to Christmas music
6. Went and saw some alligators
7. Had 12 people over to our apt for Canadian Thanksgiving
8. Finally made Normy’s Christmas present
9. Read 7 books

1. Ran in the Firefly 5k
2. Went to California for thanksgiving!
3. Got Splash Cafe Clam Chowder
4. Got to see friends and family that I love and miss!
5. Read 16 books

1. Made Scott and Heather’s Christmas gifts (will post them on Thursday)
2. Went to the Lanier Christmas party
3. Saw Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in concert
4. Had a wonderful Christmas!
5. Hung out with some good friends for days!
6. Read 9 books

So there you have it… 2012 in review… It’s been a wonderful year! Praise the Lord!