Christmas Spirit

elf1I’m finding it very hard this year to have any Christmas spirit. I really don’t have any… Which is very rare for me. I know it’s terrible… Especially with it being the most wonderful time of the year and all…

I’ve tried to get my Christmas spirit back. I’ve listened to Christmas music. I’ve watched several cheesy Christmas movies… And nothing. I haven’t even watched Elf, or Chevy Chases Christmas Vacation… And those are my two absolute favorite Christmas movies.
elf2I’m not quite sure why I don’t have any Christmas spirit this year.. But I think it’s because work has been really rough this past month. Our kids have been struggling big time. More than last year at this time in my opinion. The holidays are hard for them. Which doesn’t excuse behavior but it does change how we correct it. It does change how we sympathize. It does change our level of exhaustion at the end of the day. Which in turn kinda makes us long for the holidays to be over.

So if you think about it in the next few days. Say a few prayers for our kids and their hearts during this time. And for us as Teaching Parents to continue to love on and support these precious children during this difficult time for them. And that we would all remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. And He is our hope!


The Bird

Here he is, in all of his glorious beauty! And let me just tell you… He was delicious!! All the food was very very good! We packed 13 people into our small apartment. And a good time was had by all at our Belated Canadian Thanksgiving Celebration.

Cramming lots of people into a small space for a meal together is one of my favorite things to do! To me it is so much fun. It’s cozy, you are eating together, and spending quality time! It’s the best! So I was totally loving every minute of Saturday!

A few of us went to the park after all the eating was had. Right as we got there I had to use the restroom… Too much tea for me!… Why am I telling you this? Because I found this little gem on the wall above the toiletMinus the fact that it’s graffiti which is not ok… It is pretty much amazing! Gotta love random Harry Potter references!

Also while the kiddos were playing on the slides and things the sky was pretty, with the moon and the American Flag between two big buildings. So I tried getting a pretty picture with my phone… It’s not the best but it’ll doThe rest of my weekend was good too! Friday night while cleaning I watched some this movie

This picture is taken at one of my favorite spots. “At least you have a daddy, I was just rolled up one day and left out here in the cold!” I didn’t get to finish the movie though so maybe sometime this week I’ll watch it all.

Sunday after church we had a fish fry lunch… It was fun (although I ate chicken and not fish). And I got to take a short nap in the afternoon.

But all that fun packed into one weekend has left me fairly tired. So this morning I’ve been sipping on some sweet tea to keep me awake 🙂

Strange Desire

For some strange reason… For the third week in a row… I have this strange desire… to do a “What I Wore” blog post…. Yikes, who am I??….

I am refraining from doing one…. Because I’m not a fashion blogger… I’m not even that much of a real blogger… And because that kind of thing is not me… It’s so strange… (my want to do that kind of post, not those posts in general)….


I have some exciting news for y’all this fine Friday!!!

1. Tomorrow is our celebration of Canadian Thanksgiving! Bring on the turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, bread, and gravy… lots and lots of gravy… Yum Yum…. yes there is more things being served (but I don’t care about any of those other things lol)

2. Our next 5k is in 8 days! 1 week from tomorrow…. Excited for sure!!!… And glad there are no hills in the course! 🙂

3. I leave for Cali in 26 days!…. Also that means in 28 days I will be eating some bomb-digaty clam chowder in a bread bowl!… Also it means I get to see lots of people who I miss dearly!

4. I’m probably going to watch Elf tonight!… Some might say it’s a little early… But I saw my dvd copy on Monday… Since then it has sort of implanted itself in my brain… I’ll be home tonight cleaning to get ready for tomorrow… So why not turn on that adorable hilarious movie!… Ya I don’t see a problem with it… And if I owned any Halloween movies I would turn those on instead… But I don’t… So let’s just skip over it and get straight to Christmas movies shall we?… Yup I think so!