Sunday Currently… AKA giving my brain a break

reading: Deuteronomy! But I’m almost done 1-2 more days and I’ll be done I think! Read Deuteronomy 28 where Moses lists out the curses for disobedience. Y’all it was bad. It for sure would make me want to obey… Well maybe. I probably would be exactly like the Israelite’s. Because how often do I disobey God now…

watching: Um… The shows I’m keeping up with- NCIS, The Bachelor (I think Vanessa wins, and there have been some awesome moments that have made for good TV this season), This is us (although I don’t actually like this show, but it is written well and makes me want to come back and see what happens to the characters. Mainly to see how and when Jack dies, I think it’s getting close)

cooking: I made breakfast for the girls this morning. Scrambled eggs and sausage.

dreaming: I legit dreamed I was working at Jack in the Box last night and Nick, the bachelor, happened to be working there too. The other night I dreamed I was attached by a baby cow.

loving: chocolate (duh), chips or fries as well. Basically all things unhealthy. But I’ve also loved the salads I’ve had recently… Things not food related- #thenext100days reading scripture, journaling about it, and praying

frustrated by: the fact that I feel so tired lately even though I’ve gotten lots of sleep.

listening to: Creekside bible church live from their app. So currently Matt is preaching

making: to-do lists.

missing: both my best friends!

planning: The youth retreat next weekend, the youth event next month, my trip to cali soon, maybe a trip to Washington in April, Sunday school lessons, the list goes on… I have anywhere from 3-6 meetings this week that will involve lots of planning as well… Going to try to make the verse about we plan but God directs our steps in mind during all this planning.

sniffing: my freshly washed hair. The macaroni and cheese my girl is making herself for lunch. The chips I was just snacking on.


Currently… Avoiding Everything I’m Supposed To Be Doing

fullsizerreading: Exodus! Doing a 100 day challenge where we started in Genesis and are seeing how far we can get in the bible by reading and journaling about it everyday. I did read the new Stephanie Plum novel, and the Jack Reacher novel that the newest movie is based on over thanksgiving break. Those were so good!
watching: My kids??? Does that count?? I haven’t had time for much tv recently. I did catch up on NCIS last off days… I may be behind again though…  I want to start watching This Is Us, but again no time
eating: Lot’s of junk… We’ve had 3 parties in 3 days.. Two Christmas, and a birthday… Lots of sweets, lots of candy and soda, the boys had pizzookie tonight and will have it the next two nights (so many birthdays)… Nothing good
laughing about: something my kids have done or said…
loving: my job! My kids are awesome, and I just am so thankful I get to be a parent like figure for them…
researching: nothing… I don’t have time to research lol… I googled how much an iPod shuffle was for one of my boys.. And the other day I looked up the elephant sanctuaries in Thailand where you can go and hang out with elephants sign me up!
thinking: of my to-do list and how long it is… But let’s just avoid it some more with this blog :)… Really I just needed a little me time.
listening to: The sound of my fan… I should have turned on Christmas music while I was doing this…. Also I just finished this sermon series on my runs last week, it’s really good and I think something we all need to hear, so check it out!
planning: my week out… runs, parties, paperwork, sleep, errands, bible study, meetings, kids, youth group calendar… life is busy right now but good! And will slow down after this week!
sniffing: nothing!!
feeling: all the feels! Seriously!

When you miss your best friend…

I’m a bit behind on blogging about trips I’ve taken lately… In order to catch up I gotta take y’all back to September of last year.

You see I was missing Lydia big time. So I started looking at plane tickets to Washington. Found some good flights for October and was texting Lydia about it. It didn’t end up working out for October. But when October hit I knew I needed to get up there.. So I booked some tickets for November. Yes that meant I would go to Washington and then shortly after head to Cali for thanksgiving but I didn’t care. I needed to go!

We didn’t do much while I was there… It was cold, so I spent most of my time under a heated blanket turned on high with Daphne in my lap. But it was nice. So here are some pictures from the trip.

IMG_5824 IMG_5825 IMG_5826 IMG_5836 IMG_5851 IMG_5871


I’ve been a little MIA over here lately because life is just busy. But good busy. Doing lots of fun stuff. Here’s a little recap of the past few days and my plans for the rest of the week

Saturday- Blood drive at church, and a Graduation/Going away party for one of our youth. She left for Navy Boot camp on Tuesday. Then swimming was on the agenda but it started pouring rain and didn’t let up for a long time.

Sunday- Sunday School, Church, In-door Picnic.

Monday- Work, and then packing for my trip. And by packing I mean I put all my clothes in a duffel bag. But didn’t pack much else lol oops. Also I learned how to play part of a song we will be doing Sunday evening.

Tuesday- Work, then band practice for “Awaken” our worship time this coming Sunday Evening!

Today- Work, stopping by the store for some last-minute stuff, and dessert for later tonight. Youth group. Then dinner, dessert, and Dexter watching with Elyse and Brian. Then I’ll head home to finish packing (everything but bathroom stuff I’ll need in the morning).

Tomorrow- Put the final stuff in my duffel bag and head to work. Leaving at 3 to head to the airport. Flying to P-town. Then picking up the rental car and heading to the end of Katie’s Bachelorette Party! Staying with Katie that night.

Friday- Up early to have breakfast with Laura, and to hang out and talk. Then I’ll meet up with Naomi for lunch! Afternoon plans are not set in stone. The next thing I know for sure is dinner with Ashley and Matt, Brynn and Chad, and maybe Angela and Josh!

Saturday- Helping set up the reception venue for Katie and Bryan’s wedding. Attending their wedding and reception! And then I have no idea.

Sunday- Get up ridiculously early to return my rental car and fly back home! Head to Jess and Laura’s to relieve Sierra of Ruby (their dog) duty. Then heading to church at 4 for practice before Awaken. Awaken, and snow-cones afterward! And then back to Jess and Laura’s to house/dog sit!

So if I continue to be a little MIA over here… Now you know why! But I’ll be back next week with pictures from P-town for sure!


A Whole Lotta Info!

First up the answers to the guess that quote game! Apparently it was harder than I thought… Next time I’ll try to go easier!

1. The Parent Trap (Lindsey lohan edition)
2. Sydney White
3. Oceans 11 (I apologize on this one I had the quote a little wrong)
4. The Princess Diaries
5. Camp Nowhere (which probably was a little unfair since this movie is so old and it wasn’t a huge hit really)
6. The Wedding Planner (classic!)
7. Grumpy Old Men (good ol’ gramps)
8. She’s The Man
9. Employee of the Month (and pretty much one of the greatest quotes ever!)
10. While You Were Sleeping

Alright now that that’s out-of-the-way! Let’s get down to business….

Basically I’m busy. And have been busy since I got back from my trip, and will be busy for another couple of weeks! But it’s ok… I love everything I’m doing… It just probably there will be a lack of blogging! But I have missed I Guess I’m Blessed two weeks in a row. So for sure next week that will be up! I’m not promising much more…

This weekend is D-Now. Our in town retreat for our youth group. Our theme this year is Inheritance. And we are camping around the beatitudes. So if you think about it at all either Tonight or Tomorrow or even Sunday morning, say a couple of prayers for the Lord’s hand to be all over the weekend!