Currently… Avoiding Everything I’m Supposed To Be Doing

fullsizerreading: Exodus! Doing a 100 day challenge where we started in Genesis and are seeing how far we can get in the bible by reading and journaling about it everyday. I did read the new Stephanie Plum novel, and the Jack Reacher novel that the newest movie is based on over thanksgiving break. Those were so good!
watching: My kids??? Does that count?? I haven’t had time for much tv recently. I did catch up on NCIS last off days… I may be behind again though…  I want to start watching This Is Us, but again no time
eating: Lot’s of junk… We’ve had 3 parties in 3 days.. Two Christmas, and a birthday… Lots of sweets, lots of candy and soda, the boys had pizzookie tonight and will have it the next two nights (so many birthdays)… Nothing good
laughing about: something my kids have done or said…
loving: my job! My kids are awesome, and I just am so thankful I get to be a parent like figure for them…
researching: nothing… I don’t have time to research lol… I googled how much an iPod shuffle was for one of my boys.. And the other day I looked up the elephant sanctuaries in Thailand where you can go and hang out with elephants sign me up!
thinking: of my to-do list and how long it is… But let’s just avoid it some more with this blog :)… Really I just needed a little me time.
listening to: The sound of my fan… I should have turned on Christmas music while I was doing this…. Also I just finished this sermon series on my runs last week, it’s really good and I think something we all need to hear, so check it out!
planning: my week out… runs, parties, paperwork, sleep, errands, bible study, meetings, kids, youth group calendar… life is busy right now but good! And will slow down after this week!
sniffing: nothing!!
feeling: all the feels! Seriously!


Answered Prayers

This morning at church one of the missionaries we support gave the sermon. It took about maybe 2 minutes, if that, into his sermon for me to realize the Lord was speaking directly to me. He made slight mention to his main point and I knew what he was going to say and knew it was the Lord answering my prayers!

The back story:

Back when I was in high school I started spending time with the Lord daily. I would be super consistent until I could no longer “feel” the Lord right there with me. Then I would struggle and doubt and all that jazz. Then between my junior and senior year of high school I went to this month-long camp at Hume Lake called Caleb. We would have a quiet time every day. I struggled with “feeling” the Lord a lot during those times. We were studying Ephesians that month and one quiet time at Jenny Lake where we had backpacked to I came to Ephesians 2:6, where it talks about how we are raised and seated with Him in the heavenly places in Christ. And it just hit me that it didn’t matter if I could “feel” him or not I was seated with him already.

After that moment whenever I didn’t “feel” Him and that doubt would come I would go back to that verse and it wouldn’t matter anymore.

Flash forward to recently… I’ve been trying to get consistent with my quiet times again but have been struggling. I’ve been distracted, super tired, feeling fake during my times, and all the other excuses you can come up with. And because I know a bunch of these are excuses and I know that the enemy would rather me not spend time with the Lord, I’ve been taking these struggles to the Lord.

The sermon today was out of Exodus. When God first called Moses, he couldn’t come near and he had to remove his sandals. Then later on in Exodus what did he have to do to commune with God? He had to hike a mountain. It wasn’t just easy peasy. He had to put in the effort to hike the mountain to commune with God. But God was there ready to meet with Moses every single time he hiked up that mountain. The point the missionary was making is that our relationship with the Lord takes work. Spending time with him takes work. We have to be willing to put in that effort. God is faithful and meets us every time!

So all these struggles I’ve been having? I just need to persevere through and keep putting in the effort to commune with God. Because He is so worth it! And thank you Lord for hearing my prayers about my struggles and providing me with the answer!!


Road trips in the Spring

I took a solo road trip on my last four days off. Lila was turning 6 that weekend and I was going to be working on the day of her party so I decided to head up to their house for a day to see her! Because I live in the country it’s quicker to take the country roads for most of the way. I don’t mind though because the Texas countryside is beautiful. Especially in the spring. IMG_3767 IMG_3768I don’t know if I’m going to get the chance to go take pictures in them this year. But I made sure on this trip to pull over a few times and get pictures of them. They are just too pretty not to.

A Color Run

I have been dying to do a color run for about 2 years now…. But they are always pretty pricey… Usually somewhere around $50. And call me crazy but I don’t really want to pay $50 to run a 5k. I don’t mind paying between $25-$35. But $50? Ya no thank you!

But then came this little email with a discount code for 50% off the price… And I became interested. $25 to do a color run, yup sounds awesome! Trouble was Lydia was out of town and the code was only good for 5 days. So I just let it go and thought maybe some other time. Then came a facebook message from a friend at church, asking what runs Lydia and I planned on doing this year, and how she saw a color run in another town coming up. So I quickly checked my email to see if my 50% off code had expired… Turns out it was the last day. So we had 4 hours to decide yay or nay and then register… Well of course we decided yay!

20131012_165557_resizedAll in all a wonderful time! And we got drenched in the color powder!



You know those weekends where you get to do next to nothing… The weekends where staying up late on a Friday night doesn’t matter because you can sleep in the next morning (well if you decide to skip your run that is)… The weekends where on Saturday you only leave the couch to get food, go to the bathroom, or get another movie off the shelf… The weekends where you eat half a jar of cookie butter in a day… The weekends where after church and lunch on Sunday you go home only to park yourself back on the couch until bed time… The weekends where you watch lots of movies, and tv shows…

Those weekends are glorious! And I don’t get too many of them… But this past weekend… It was totally one of those! With the slight difference that I also took a quick trip to the store to get some pretzels and something quick and easy for dinner. I had eaten my last ramen for brunch (and didn’t have anything to eat for dinner) and my mom had sent me cookie butter so I needed pretzels duh. Other than that though I sat on the couch and watched movies all day, while playing with my phone and the new iOS 7 features on it!

I watched-

Leap YearLast Man StandingNew Girl






Knight and Day

The Italian Job

Nick and Norah







The Proposal

House Bunny LAvsSEA





What did y’all do over the weekend?


Oh the joy…

It’s Monday…. And I definitely was not ready to get out of bed this morning when my alarm went off for work… boo! I had a wonderful weekend, and was sure not ready for it to be over… But alas it is… So let’s recap!1staugustweekend1. The weekend started out with the final day of puppy sitting! Jess and Laura weren’t getting back till super late Friday night/early Saturday morning. So I stayed Friday night at their house again. Ruby wanted attention and was being super stubborn/not listening, ya know typical puppy behavior, so I finally told her that bad dogs don’t get rewarded and right after I said that she lays down and rolls over and smiles like the picture shows. I’m so glad I had my phone in my hand so I could capture it. It was too funny. Needless to say she got attention after this, but only because she calmed down as well!

2. I’ve been re-watching the entire series of Greek since June… It’s been slow going. Haven’t had much time to devote to it/needing to devote my free time to more important things. But this weekend I finally finished the last season… So good!

3. I went home Saturday morning! Finally home! I counted the days up that I was actually home in July and it was 14 out of 31… And of those 14 days at least 3 of them were getting home around 10:30pm going straight to bed to be back up and gone at 6:20am, so do they really count… Only slightly. But because I was home I got to sit on my couch and read! It was glorious!

4. Rainbow sherbet… So good! May have had way too much of it this weekend… But it was so refreshing and good!

5. What I wore to church. The wedges are new so I thought I would get some use out of them! And the shirt= the softest fancy t-shirt I’ve ever owned. And best part about it… it was only $3! It was on clearance from Walmart! I had on a coral necklace that you can’t see in the picture as well!

6. So since my roommate finished the bar exam on Thursday, and I was finally home we got to spend time hanging out! We haven’t spent too much time together in the last 3 months, with her studying for the bar and me being gone all the time. So we pigged out on rainbow sherbet, and kettle corn. And we watched Mr. Hottie aka Josh Duhamel on the screen! We had seen Safe Haven in theaters but we wanted to watch it again! It’s a good one!

All in all a wonderful weekend! What were y’all up to this weekend?

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I’ve been a little MIA over here lately because life is just busy. But good busy. Doing lots of fun stuff. Here’s a little recap of the past few days and my plans for the rest of the week

Saturday- Blood drive at church, and a Graduation/Going away party for one of our youth. She left for Navy Boot camp on Tuesday. Then swimming was on the agenda but it started pouring rain and didn’t let up for a long time.

Sunday- Sunday School, Church, In-door Picnic.

Monday- Work, and then packing for my trip. And by packing I mean I put all my clothes in a duffel bag. But didn’t pack much else lol oops. Also I learned how to play part of a song we will be doing Sunday evening.

Tuesday- Work, then band practice for “Awaken” our worship time this coming Sunday Evening!

Today- Work, stopping by the store for some last-minute stuff, and dessert for later tonight. Youth group. Then dinner, dessert, and Dexter watching with Elyse and Brian. Then I’ll head home to finish packing (everything but bathroom stuff I’ll need in the morning).

Tomorrow- Put the final stuff in my duffel bag and head to work. Leaving at 3 to head to the airport. Flying to P-town. Then picking up the rental car and heading to the end of Katie’s Bachelorette Party! Staying with Katie that night.

Friday- Up early to have breakfast with Laura, and to hang out and talk. Then I’ll meet up with Naomi for lunch! Afternoon plans are not set in stone. The next thing I know for sure is dinner with Ashley and Matt, Brynn and Chad, and maybe Angela and Josh!

Saturday- Helping set up the reception venue for Katie and Bryan’s wedding. Attending their wedding and reception! And then I have no idea.

Sunday- Get up ridiculously early to return my rental car and fly back home! Head to Jess and Laura’s to relieve Sierra of Ruby (their dog) duty. Then heading to church at 4 for practice before Awaken. Awaken, and snow-cones afterward! And then back to Jess and Laura’s to house/dog sit!

So if I continue to be a little MIA over here… Now you know why! But I’ll be back next week with pictures from P-town for sure!


Summarization Skills!

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I’m here today to work on my summarization skills in the form of a weekend recap! Oh goody! Y’all ready? Alright lets go!

Friday night- I parked my hiney on the couch and watched way too many episodes of Hart of Dixie… Guess that’s what happens when you house/dog sit the weekend before and get hooked on a show… Also I realize this now broadcasts to the world that I’m pretty lame! But I would say that watching Hart of Dixie is a step up from cleaning on a Friday night, which was the actual plan for the evening…

Saturday- Gutted out a 5k on the treadmill (first run in 2 weeks/ate way too many cookies on Friday will make running hard). Did the cleaning that I didn’t do Friday night. And then headed off to hang out by the pool with good friends for the afternoon, and then went to a BBQ that evening! And no summer BBQ is complete without watermelon! And this one did not disappoint! I LOVE watermelon!

Sunday- Went to Church! Where we played this song! We hadn’t played it for a couple of months. Not only is it a really good song, it’s also one of my favorites to play! After church for lunch we had roast, carrots, mashed potatoes, gravy, and bread (oh and green beans, but who cares about those 😉 lol). Then I went home and watched some more Hart of Dixie.

I met Laura, Lynne, and Lila at Ikea around  5. And the next 3ish hours were spent wandering around. And let me tell you spending 3 hours at Ikea is the right way to do it! You look at everything. You dream of ways to use everything you are looking at. You eat. You enjoy each other’s company.

If you didn’t look at everything how else would you find this adorable dish towel and realize it would make the cutest pillow (Kudos to Laura for that awesome idea!)dish towel

Also if you didn’t look at everything how else would you find out that you needed this adorable elephant print??elephants2

Answer is… you wouldn’t! So next time you go to Ikea grab a couple of friends, and a very cute and fun 5-year-old to go with you. And make sure to look at everything!




Chalk Full Of Excitement

Well ladies and gents…. I hope you didn’t think once I caught up on my countdown I was going to stay with it… Because you would be thoroughly disappointed if you did… And that would make me sad… Even though I had every intention of keeping up with it once I got caught up… But the time got away from me on Friday… And Saturday and Sunday… Well I’ll talk about those later…

So here we go catching up the countdown yet again!
#5- Seeing my Aunt and Uncle… Especially since I am not able to make it to their wedding this summer!
#4- Friends- For the first time in forever I have not booked all my time up prior to getting home. So because of that I don’t know what all friends I am going to get to see… But I’m excited to see them!
#3- The drive over to the beach! In November when Normy and I went, it was pretty foggy on the way up, and mostly dark on the way back. So I didn’t get to enjoy much of the scenery! Excited to see it all this time!
#2 (I leave in 2 days!!!!!!!!)- I get to see my family in 2 days!!… I know I know I already listed them! But it’s my countdown so I say I can list them yet again!

Now back to my weekend!!!

Saturday, the roommie and I got up and worked out of course. Saturday morning tradition… Then we packed up and headed to the beach for the day! We first went to Freeport… Walked a couple of miles down the beach turned around walked back, sat and ate lunch. After that we headed over to Surfside beach and that’s were we found a spot parked and set up for the rest of the afternoon. The day started off a little chilly but when the clouds burned off it became a really nice day! Not nice enough to be in the water, but nice enough to lay out, read, and nap! It was a glorious day!!

Sunday I went to church, which was really good. The Lord was there and one of our new youth got saved! So exciting!! Then we had lunch. And all afternoon some ladies got together to do a photoshoot for our upcoming Celebration of Friends event! It was a lot of fun! Most of the time though I was playing with little Ava. She is adorable! We played in the backyard with sidewalk chalk, and we played on the slide! All around fun!

So all around a great weekend! Now I just have tomorrow and half of Wednesday of work and then I’m peacing out to Cali! See you tomorrow with the last day of my California Countdown!

Weekend Shenanigans

Well hello! I hope y’all had a good weekend! Mine was very good! But before I get to highlights of that let’s yet again play catch-up on my countdown to California! (Something I’m realizing is going to be happening every Monday since I don’t blog on weekends!).

#18 Camping!- With the exception of my “1 night” camping trip on my Portland trip (which I need to write a post about someday, because the story is awesome) I have not been camping in a very long time! So I am excited!

#17 Beach!- I just love the beach! What can I say I’m part Cali girl at heart! I go to the Gulf of Mexico here when I need the ocean… But I’m excited to see the Pacific yet again! I sure do miss that Ocean!

#16 (aka I leave in 16 days!!!! Ahh soooo excited!) Sal’s Mexican Restaurant!- Mmm so excited! They have THE BEST salsa! Something I miss here in Texas (I haven’t found a place with good salsa yet). And some chili verde!

And now on to my weekend! What did I do? Well it was filled with working my muscles out, relaxing, a Walmart trip, a lecture on CS Lewis, church, and more church! It was good…. Here are some highlights with their explanations of course!

purple elephantMy roommate gave this to me this weekend. She bought a frame for it while we were out and about and then gave it to me after we got home… Isn’t She adorable!!!! And she put lots of symbols in it just for me! And gave the Her a shamrock tattoo on her left foot too! I need a name for her though… Any suggestions?

sun montageSo you all know I love taking pictures of the Texas sky! The Lord just paints some beautiful skies. A while ago I decided I wanted to get an Ikea frame and print off a bunch of the pictures I’ve taken of the sky since moving here and put them in the frame. Well… I finally did it this weekend! And let me just tell you it looks awesome!!!! Now just need to hang it up on the wall!

wine#1So my best friend Normy works at a winery… And she went to Napa for work and got to try a bunch of wines that they make and all that fun stuff… So after hearing about it from her I realized something… How fun would it be to do “Normy and Juliann do wine country!” Pretty sure it would be a blast! The only problem is… I don’t like wine… So after sharing this idea with Normy and having her confirm that it would be AMAZING, I decided I needed to start trying wines when they are available… That’s not very often but it’s better than nothing…

So then this weekend Lydia and I were at the 99cents only store… And this lovely blue drink bottle caught my attention… You see I love blue drinks! Hypnotic and pineapple juice yes please! Blue Curacao with lemonade and sprite yup! And lots of others as well! I just like blue…. So naturally I went over to see what it was. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was wine! Who has ever heard of blue wine? Not me… So I just had to buy it of course! Haven’t tried it yet (we are going to have it at our next neighbor dinner), but I’ll let you know how it is… I know it’s probably going to be terrible considering it was $1 and at the 99cents only store… But it is going to be wine#1 of my learning to like wine.