Christmas Spirit

elf1I’m finding it very hard this year to have any Christmas spirit. I really don’t have any… Which is very rare for me. I know it’s terrible… Especially with it being the most wonderful time of the year and all…

I’ve tried to get my Christmas spirit back. I’ve listened to Christmas music. I’ve watched several cheesy Christmas movies… And nothing. I haven’t even watched Elf, or Chevy Chases Christmas Vacation… And those are my two absolute favorite Christmas movies.
elf2I’m not quite sure why I don’t have any Christmas spirit this year.. But I think it’s because work has been really rough this past month. Our kids have been struggling big time. More than last year at this time in my opinion. The holidays are hard for them. Which doesn’t excuse behavior but it does change how we correct it. It does change how we sympathize. It does change our level of exhaustion at the end of the day. Which in turn kinda makes us long for the holidays to be over.

So if you think about it in the next few days. Say a few prayers for our kids and their hearts during this time. And for us as Teaching Parents to continue to love on and support these precious children during this difficult time for them. And that we would all remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. And He is our hope!


Confession… Education

I have a confession to make… I have a slight problem… But admitting it is the first step right? Or is denial the first step and admission the second? I don’t know… In any case… I’m here to admit something… But it takes a little background first…

she'sthemanI quote She’s The Man all the time! At least once a day… If not more… And I think of quoting it (but don’t because they wouldn’t get the quote) probably around 5 times per day.

Case in point. The other night I was texting a friend…daniel textMy next response was going to be “Beckham does it all the time!” But I refrained… Mostly because my friend would not have gotten the quote, or thought it was funny.

And that’s when I realized my problem… I have no one to quote She’s The Man to around here. No one around here gets my quotes… Some people have seen the movie but don’t remember the quotes, or don’t like the movie (which is crazy talk to me!). And most other’s haven’t seen it and don’t care to see it (also crazy talk).

So when I realized this I text my brother…brendan textHis response… Classic Brendan…. I keep trying to get Him to move here and his answer is always heck no. But this time he found a funny way to say it! And then quoted another classic Amanda Bynes movie… Needless to say I was laughing, and wanting him to move here more! (Also please forgive my misuse of the form of to/too/two).

So in order to fix my problem… Here are a few She’s The Man quotes you all should learn! Also these are some of the quotes I use most often…rub some dirt in it
man guy guy man
I'm so there it's insane
bro brothers brethrenOther quotes that I couldn’t find pictures for…

“Dude quite blushing that’s lame!”

“Then why don’t you date him mom?”

“Hello, my life sucks!”

“I’m here for you bro, got a lifetime of knowledge!”

A Whole Lotta Info!

First up the answers to the guess that quote game! Apparently it was harder than I thought… Next time I’ll try to go easier!

1. The Parent Trap (Lindsey lohan edition)
2. Sydney White
3. Oceans 11 (I apologize on this one I had the quote a little wrong)
4. The Princess Diaries
5. Camp Nowhere (which probably was a little unfair since this movie is so old and it wasn’t a huge hit really)
6. The Wedding Planner (classic!)
7. Grumpy Old Men (good ol’ gramps)
8. She’s The Man
9. Employee of the Month (and pretty much one of the greatest quotes ever!)
10. While You Were Sleeping

Alright now that that’s out-of-the-way! Let’s get down to business….

Basically I’m busy. And have been busy since I got back from my trip, and will be busy for another couple of weeks! But it’s ok… I love everything I’m doing… It just probably there will be a lack of blogging! But I have missed I Guess I’m Blessed two weeks in a row. So for sure next week that will be up! I’m not promising much more…

This weekend is D-Now. Our in town retreat for our youth group. Our theme this year is Inheritance. And we are camping around the beatitudes. So if you think about it at all either Tonight or Tomorrow or even Sunday morning, say a couple of prayers for the Lord’s hand to be all over the weekend!

Guess That Quote!

Well hello there! Happy Monday!! I’m apparently perky today. Might have something to do with the punch I drank this morning… Or the fact that I just watched this video and laughed so hard! (click on the word “this” to go watch the video, it won’t let me embed it on here for some reason)

Anywho… I was going to tell you about part of my weekend today… Ya know the part where I went to the Sanctus Real concert! But I want to share some pictures and video with the recap… But they are still on my camera… So maybe tomorrow evening I’ll get to that!

So today I thought I would play a little game with y’all! You see my brother Brendan and I have this little game we play called guess which movie this quote is from! And so we randomly send each other quotes from movies and the other person has to guess which movie it’s from. Now side note about this game… We’ve played for years, and up until the last 3 years I’ve never been able to stump Brendan. He would always guess. But then He started working 60+hours a week and I was able to stump him quite a few times!… All that to say- let’s play! I’m going to give you some movie quotes and then in the comments you can guess which movies they are from! So here goes.

  1. “MARTIN, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” “Going for a dip Madam do you mind?”
  2. “It’s 12:01, welcome to Hell skanks!”
  3. “You think we need one more…. Ya we need one more”
  4. “Kapta, Mmmhmm Mmmhmm Mmmhmm…. The queen is coming.. to Grove High School”
  5. “That was the 5:15 fly by…. You get used to it”
  6. “I’m paralyzed!!! I’m paralyzed!!!!!”
  7. “Every morning, I wake up, and I smoke a cigarette. And then I eat five strips of bacon. And for lunch, I eat a bacon sandwich. And for a midday snack? Bacon! A whole damn plate! And I usually drink my dinner.”
  8. “Dude quit blushing, that’s lame!”
  9. “ Isn’t this glasses in an hour?” “No… this is glasses in about an hour.” “So when will my glasses be ready?” “In about an hour.”
  10.  “I could never make a good pot roast.” “These mashed potatoes are so creamy.”

Good luck!! I’ll post the answers sometime this week!