Currently… Avoiding Everything I’m Supposed To Be Doing

fullsizerreading: Exodus! Doing a 100 day challenge where we started in Genesis and are seeing how far we can get in the bible by reading and journaling about it everyday. I did read the new Stephanie Plum novel, and the Jack Reacher novel that the newest movie is based on over thanksgiving break. Those were so good!
watching: My kids??? Does that count?? I haven’t had time for much tv recently. I did catch up on NCIS last off days… I may be behind again though…  I want to start watching This Is Us, but again no time
eating: Lot’s of junk… We’ve had 3 parties in 3 days.. Two Christmas, and a birthday… Lots of sweets, lots of candy and soda, the boys had pizzookie tonight and will have it the next two nights (so many birthdays)… Nothing good
laughing about: something my kids have done or said…
loving: my job! My kids are awesome, and I just am so thankful I get to be a parent like figure for them…
researching: nothing… I don’t have time to research lol… I googled how much an iPod shuffle was for one of my boys.. And the other day I looked up the elephant sanctuaries in Thailand where you can go and hang out with elephants sign me up!
thinking: of my to-do list and how long it is… But let’s just avoid it some more with this blog :)… Really I just needed a little me time.
listening to: The sound of my fan… I should have turned on Christmas music while I was doing this…. Also I just finished this sermon series on my runs last week, it’s really good and I think something we all need to hear, so check it out!
planning: my week out… runs, parties, paperwork, sleep, errands, bible study, meetings, kids, youth group calendar… life is busy right now but good! And will slow down after this week!
sniffing: nothing!!
feeling: all the feels! Seriously!


Happies And Not So Happies…

Woah! I’m blogging 2 days in a row! That’s just crazy talk…. But for reals… I’m actually trying to get back in the swing of blogging often…. We’ll see how it goes!

Anywho… Today I found a new link up to try out! So let’s get to it!

happiesandcrappies link up
Happies from the week

1. They finally put a Charley’s Grilled Subs in the mall by my work. And it was open when I went in to get lunch today… Yum!

2. Downloaded the Running With Friends App… Addicted! I don’t know it took me so long to actually download it! I love it…. Even if I’m not very good!

3. I’m back to my reading ways… Read 2 books so far this week. And they were both really good. Also they were the first books of 2 different series! Total win because I wasn’t ready to be done with the characters of both books when I finished! I started a third book today on lunch (not related to either of the other 2) and so far it is really good too!

4. The Lord was all over answering my prayers this week… And through that reminded me how awesome my friends here in Texas are… Also through that reminding me how much He has blessed me!

5. Was in reading Nehemiah this week in my read through the Bible in a year plan. Man there is some good stuff in there!

Not so happies from the week

1. It has been freezing in our office this week… No joke. I have been shivering for the last 3 days… It’s terrible. I’ve also labeled our bathroom the North Pole because it is colder than cold in there.

2. It’s been kind of a rough week. But as stated above in the happies, the Lord was all over it!

3. There have been several late nights in a row for the past week and a half. So I’ve been a wee bit tired this week. Makes sitting at a desk staring at a computer all day a little rough!

What have been some of your happies, and not so happies this week? I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!