Thanksgiving Trip To Cali

IMG_1052I went to Cali for Thanksgiving, which is old news… What isn’t old news is that I didn’t get my real camera out once… Yikes. I took a few iPhone photos but not many.

Why you ask? There is a time and place that taking photos to remember the moment forever is good. But this trip I really just wanted to be present. I wanted to enjoy the moments without worrying about capturing it on camera. So that’s what I did.

The result?? A really good trip. I spent a lot of time with my family. I spent time with friends. I felt the Lord’s hand all over the trip and had a really good time.

I’d say I succeeded at being present and enjoying the moments. I bet I’ll be trying it more often!



I got to go to California for thanksgiving again this year! And as I have been mulling around a blog post about my trip in my head I realized I could pretty much cut and paste all three of my posts from last year about thanksgiving (with a few minor details changed)… So because I want to post something new and not a repeat here is what I came up with….

Things To Do To Make The Most Of Your Time In California:

1. Get covered in dog hair and slobber from the cutest dogs ever!


This literally happened in a span of 1 minute

2. Eat In’N’Out!IMG_5260


4. Hang out with you best friend multiple times!IMG_3551IMG_3580IMG_3587IMG_3588

5. Eat your fill of Tillamook Ice Cream since they don’t sell it in Texas!IMG_5151

6. Hang out with other awesome people that you know! Not pictured because I’m forgetful

7. Take a trip down memory lane. Meaning go through your photo-box and letter-box and find awesome stuff!image