Thanksgiving Trip To Cali

IMG_1052I went to Cali for Thanksgiving, which is old news… What isn’t old news is that I didn’t get my real camera out once… Yikes. I took a few iPhone photos but not many.

Why you ask? There is a time and place that taking photos to remember the moment forever is good. But this trip I really just wanted to be present. I wanted to enjoy the moments without worrying about capturing it on camera. So that’s what I did.

The result?? A really good trip. I spent a lot of time with my family. I spent time with friends. I felt the Lord’s hand all over the trip and had a really good time.

I’d say I succeeded at being present and enjoying the moments. I bet I’ll be trying it more often!



I got to go to California for thanksgiving again this year! And as I have been mulling around a blog post about my trip in my head I realized I could pretty much cut and paste all three of my posts from last year about thanksgiving (with a few minor details changed)… So because I want to post something new and not a repeat here is what I came up with….

Things To Do To Make The Most Of Your Time In California:

1. Get covered in dog hair and slobber from the cutest dogs ever!


This literally happened in a span of 1 minute

2. Eat In’N’Out!IMG_5260


4. Hang out with you best friend multiple times!IMG_3551IMG_3580IMG_3587IMG_3588

5. Eat your fill of Tillamook Ice Cream since they don’t sell it in Texas!IMG_5151

6. Hang out with other awesome people that you know! Not pictured because I’m forgetful

7. Take a trip down memory lane. Meaning go through your photo-box and letter-box and find awesome stuff!image


In 69 days I will get to see these crazy kidsIMG_4351So in honor of that I thought I would give you some reasons why my brothers are better than yours… So without further ado I bring you… 5 Reasons Why My Brothers Are Better Than Yours!

1. When asked to provide blog post inspiration they don’t disappoint…IMG_3358IMG_1341IMG_6007

2. Even though we are all grown-up they are still willing to play got-you-last even through our mom yelling “Someone is going to get hurt, or something is going to get broken,” and someone getting hurt or something getting broken. Along these same lines there is the always famous “I’m not touching you” game that surely still gets played every time we are together. Or the classic name calling… Bet your brothers never called you Stench… Oh the love!

3. They always text, call, or facetime me to keep me updated on their lives in general… Or like when they see my best friend out and about… Or when they facetime me to show me they are in socal at the ocean… IMG_05684. Despite the fact that I moved halfway across the country from them… They still love me!!bro kiss5. Last but not least… When you text them to remind them it’s talk like a Pirate Day they then flood your phone all day with pirate-y text messages… IMG_4766IMG_4767IMG_4768IMG_4769

My brother’s are the best! Bet your’s can’t top mine!