A day in the life… Sort of

I don’t have a normal Monday-Friday 8-5 kind of job. So when it comes to writing a post about my typical day, I struggle. I work 8 days on and then have 4 days off. But for the 8 days on I’m split between two different cottages of kids. This past year was 4 days with girls and then 4 days with boys, but last month they pulled me from my girls cottage and put me with another boys cottage to help fill a gap since we are short-staffed. But each cottage has a different schedule and routine. They typically involve the same things just different times or ways of doing it. Then you throw in whether it’s summer when the kids are home, or during school, or even a weekend and the day is completely different as well… So all that complicated mess to say this is what most school days consist of, but it vary’s so much I can’t say it’s typical

5:50 am Wake up, breakfast and devotion with the jr high and high school boys

6:20 They leave for the bus. I get some chill time till about 6:45 when I make sure the elementary school boys are awake. We do breakfast and devotion about 7:10img_9891

7:40 They get on the bus and I then take my dog for a 45-60 minute walkimg_9917

After that it’s time to get ready myself. Sometimes I’ll have training, meetings, kids doctor appointments. Occasionally I’ll get to take a nap for a bit, or catch up on a show. It all just depends on the day

12:00 Usually at least once a week I’ll get to meet a friend in town for lunch. I cherish these time as we talk Jesus, life, and encourage each other. 8 days straight gets long if you don’t get time to recharge.

img_9920 img_9923
1:00-2:45 Generally I’ll go to the office and turn in paperwork or pick up things, check the mail, talk to people in there, etc. I also try to walk my dog again and play with her some before the boys get home. Also during this time I plan out what I’m going to make for dinner… I used to be good about planning that out in the morning but it’s been crazy lately and I haven’t been able to.

fullsizerender-1 img_9926
3:15-7:00 This is study hour, tutoring if they need it, counseling appointments, dinner, and chores. I tried to remember to take pictures during this time but it’s kinda just a busy time that I forgot and couldn’t. I’m helping kids with homework, cooking, making sure the ones done with homework aren’t getting into trouble, etc.

7:00 If there is time after dinner and chores before their bed times we have free time. Sometimes we play outside or go to our gym. But lately the obsession has been playing a card game called Indian booty scratcher, or also known as egyptian rat screw. I taught this game to them a one weekend a few months back when all of them had lost electronic privileges for a few days, and they all loved it so much when they got their electronic privileges back they still wanted to keep playing the card game. So now we’ll go through phases where we play a lot and then we won’t play for a long time, just depends.

8:00-9:00 Things start to settle down, the boys are in their rooms showering and heading to bed. A few of the younger ones ask me to read to them, so we’ve been going through the chronicles of Narnia. By 9:00 the lights are all out and I’m able to go walk my dog and settle down for the night myself. I catch up on text messages, emails, occasional blogging, etc. Then I head to bed myself since I gotta be up early to start over again.



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