Joyful joyful we adore thee

I’m a pretty non-committal person. Ask me my favorite anything and I’d be pretty hard pressed to just pick one! So ask me to name five things that bring me joy; I think I can do that! So here goes… These aren’t in any particular order.


  1. My dog when she is covered in mud. My dog loves to play in puddles and the mud. Even more so when she’s chasing a bug through puddles or mud. Most people think I’m crazy for allowing my white dog to do these things… But you know what… I find great joy in allowing her to have fun. If you were to ever see her play you would allow it too!
  2. 92E8F187-B7C0-4B42-9D72-A2742E75AD4FChanging my hair style and color… For the first 23 years of my life I had the same style and color. I ventured away once on style and hated it. I was a tomboy and all I wanted to do with my hair was put it in a ponytail. So when I got the first taste of changing my style at 23 years old it was so good. I needed more.. Now I want to change it all the time! But for now it’s growing out… I do however want it more blond than it is, which will be remedied soon.
  3. 012AE39E-753C-4762-9A2B-500F1B70B262My amazing kids and the awesome times that we have… Yes there are really rough times too. But even through those times they still bring me great joy. I am so incredibly thankful the Lord brought me to this job and allows me to be apart of these young men and women’s lives!
  4. 0BB1DFE2-9800-470F-96EB-C50B5BC4A702Studying God’s word. It’s so good, you learn so much, there are so many parallels, there is just so much good stuff. The above studies are just ones I’ve done fairly recently. But even just studying on my own is awesome too!1979585_10100704391905081_4143928483009761213_n
  5. Anything to do with traveling. Road trips, flights, train rides, etc. I have the disease called wanderlust. And it brings me great joy to travel. So I try to do it fairly often. I have discovered that there is such thing as too much travel for me however. So I’m trying to find the balance.

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