2016 myspace survey

Anyone remember filling out myspace survey’s and posting them to the boards?? And all the drama that was filled in them? Ohhh the days of jr high and high school! I certainly don’t miss the drama. But I love me some survey’s!

Reading… currently just the Bible, specifically Joshua and Psalms. I can only read other books on vacation because I get too involved in them and can’t put them down to take care of my responsibilities
Playing… with my puppy dog!
Watching… Bachelor in Paradise… Also I binge watched the last 7 episodes of Limitless this week. Can’t wait till NCIS starts!
Trying… to adjust to my boys being in school again and the routine that comes with that.
Cooking… I created a casserole the other day… The boys liked it, so that’s a plus… Cooking for 8 teenage boys is a challenge sometime.. Any recipes y’all wanna throw at me I’d appreciate it
Eating… everything bad… Yikes.. Need to get my act together
Drinking… Water and sweet tea. I can’t get enough of sweet tea lately.
Calling… my boys names over and over because they are on the struggle bus with following instructions
Pinning… fun stuff.. Lol jk really nothing
Tweeting… instagram pictures… that’s all I tweet… TBH I don’t even have twitter on my phone
Going… insane… wait I was already there…
Loving… watching the Lord work through me and others here to change the culture at my work
Hating… sin… I know that sounds like a cop-out.. But really it causes so much brokenness and my kids are suffering from that brokenness and I hate it. Because I can’t take it away
Thinking… about too many things to list.. Trips, work, co-workers, life, my boys, my family, etc
Feeling… excited for changes at work, excited for new partnerships, excited for new babies in my friends lives, appreciated, valued, and loved
Hoping (for)… answered prayers!
Listening (to)… Fierce by Jesus Culture.. Soooo good… “you cannot fail, the only thing I’ve found, is through it all, you never let me down, you don’t hold back, relentless in pursuit, at every turn, I come face to face with you” Man oh man. That is my prayer for every person! To know that God!
Celebrating… the birth of lots of friends babies!
Smelling… stinky boy… Guess that’s what I get for having 8 teenage boys
Ordering… plane tickets… I know that’s more buying not ordering but still
Thanking… friends for their constant support and encouragement. For relationships that spur me on to more love and good works
Considering… What being a peacemaker, and bringing Godly wisdom into situations looks likes
Starting… to try adjusting to new boundaries.
Finishing… paperwork… have to finish paperwork


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