Summer time fun!

Even though the weather in Texas doesn’t think summer is over, which I love, here are some of the fun things that happened this summer!

13735807_10100855011781641_4938296332204202869_oI got my first ever pair of chacos! And I’m totally in love with them! Definitely my favorite shoe and probably 6 out of 7 days of the week you’ll find them on my feet!
13765879_10100858713613141_2109603604356486558_oCottage vacation with my boys was a blast again this year! This was day one. I just love these boys and am so glad I got to go with them.
13734880_10100859974805701_7226359649538485635_oI forget which day this was but it was also a good day. We had some of the girls from another cottage join us since they were doing well and the other girls in their cottage were not.
13909382_10100866382434761_8114446564461367213_oLast year I got to go on my girls full vacation. This year because we are short-staffed I only got to join them for two days. But we made the most of two days and I’m thankful I got to join them for those two days as well.
13937819_10100868776881271_468715377370111279_oYes I went to see wicked! It is one of my favorite musicals. And I’ve been wanting to see it again for so long! I’m excited they are finally making a movie out of it!
IMG_9640Got to go to Orlando again this year and lay by the pool! Most people think we are crazy for being so close to Disney world and not going to it! But when you just want to relax you don’t really care about anything else. Some day I’ll get to Disney world, and harry potter world… But this trip was some much-needed R&R
IMG_9649In Orlando there is a restaurant called Hash House A Go Go. And they have pancakes that are as big as your torso… No joke. Last year my friend Jamie and I each got our own snickers pancakes and learned our lesson. So this year we split one… And then we realized we had batman left over… Also yes it was gluten filled, and yes the pain and sickness were so worth it! Snickers pancakes will always be worth the pain!


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