Tidbit Tuesday #1- Such A Time As This

As many of you know there is a lot going on at my work right now. As I’ve been praying for God’s hand to be on this place, and for our hearts to be changed, I’ve also been praying for God to show me ways to encourage others and help in this crazy time. And God has faithfully been answering these prayers. The last few Sunday’s at church there have been sermons, or sunday school lessons that just fit the circumstances out here so well that I can’t help but share. So while I know it’s perfect for here, I can’t help but think someone else might need to hear these encouragements too. So I figured I would post the email’s I send here so others can be encouraged too! Obviously you’ll have to change the circumstances in the last paragraph to fit where you are in life but it still fits!

“For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

As I sat in Sunday school this week and listened to the lesson I couldn’t help but think it was another fitting message for this season here. So I thought I would share with y’all again.

The lesson was out of Esther 4. The backstory is that Esther is a Jew who was chosen by the king to be queen without her heritage being known. One of the king’s officials, Haman, made a law that everyone in the kingdom needed to bow down to himself. He got the king to sign off on it and he went around getting people to bow down to him. However when he came to Mordecai, who is Esther’s uncle who raised her, and a Jew, he refused. This made Haman upset so he went to the king and said hey these Jews won’t bow down to me and won’t follow your laws so I’ll pay to have them all killed if you just say ok. Of course the king said ok. And that brings us to the beginning of chapter 4 where Mordecai finds out about this plot to kill all the Jews, and he immediately goes into mourning. Esther hears of his mourning and sends word to see if he’s ok. He sends message back that all the Jews were going to be killed, and that she needed to go before the King to plead for their lives. Esther sends a word back that she can’t do that or she will die. Mordecai sends a word back explaining that she is basically dead either way and then says the verse that’s quoted above. Esther agrees but instructs Mordecai to gather all the Jews to fast and pray on her behalf.

The thing that struck me the most while listening was the fact that Mordecai brings attention to the fact that maybe Esther was the queen for such a time as this. That God knew this was going to happen and He wanted to use Esther to help save His people. She only had to be willing to step out and trust in him.

As I thought of that I was reminded that God has each one of us here for a reason. We all bring different things to the table, we all minister to the kids in a different way. When staff comes and goes things change, they shift. Or when kids come and go things shift and change. It’s easy to get caught up in the unfairness or in the fact that it’s hard.  But I know that God isn’t surprised by any of it. And I can’t help but wonder every time if these changes are for our own, or the kids own “such a time as this.” That maybe God has a reason, a plan, something he is doing with it. So as we move forward let’s remember and trust the God knows what he’s doing and He wants to use us in these kids’ lives, we only have to let Him.


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