The other day I was browsing the tattoo section on pinterest, not because I want one but just to waste time. But I saw a tattoo on someone of the word “Wanderlust.” And I realized it describes me pretty dang well. I’m always down to go somewhere new, or to road trip. I get the itch to travel a lot, especially when I haven’t had time to go anywhere.

You can go back through my blog and see lots of road trip recaps. When Lydia lived in Texas we would go lots of places. But then I started working at my new job and shortly after that she moved back to Washington. So our road tripping and my traveling became pretty non-existent in the first year and few months of working at my job.

But the last six months have made up for that. I have been on a traveling frenzy. In March I went to California for Normy’s bridal shower. IMG_2437

In May I went back to California for Normy’s wedding.IMG_3390 IMG_3396

In June I went to Washington for Lydia’s wedding.IMG_3914 IMG_3933

In July I went to San Antonio with one of my cottages for cottage vacation.IMG_4203 IMG_4245 IMG_4247

Also in July I went around our town with my other cottage for cottage vacation. We were gone all day every day for a week.IMG_4423

In the beginning of August I went to Orlando for 3 and a half days. IMG_4577 IMG_4593 IMG_4605

I came back to work for 4 days and then went to Panama City Beach Florida for 3 and a half days.IMG_4732 11889978_10156072394330713_8055658398018784734_o FullSizeRender

It’s been a crazy six months as far as vacations go. So much so that I longed to just be home for a while… But do you know how long that lasted? Not very long. Because a few hours after I got off the plane from Panama City Beach I was already starting to plan a trip for September.

My name is Juliann and I have wanderlust!


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