Well hello there! Long time no talk! I know I’ve been absent from this space lately. And I have only finished day 2 of 6 of the roadtrip to Washington… But I have a pretty good excuse I think… You see whenever I’ve been in my room and had any kind of spare time lately it has looked like this… puppy1 puppy2Or with some kind of toy in my hand playing tug-a-war or fetch… Having a puppy is hard work, and tiring, and sucks up all you free time for a while… But I will say it is totally worth it… I look into her cute, (not for much longer) little face and can’t help but play or cuddle with her.

So please forgive me for being absent for a little while longer. She is doing better at entertaining herself, but we still aren’t quite there yet. But I promise I have lots to share with you. Things like finishing up the roadtrip posts, the story of how I got this cute little pup, cottage vacation, and summer in general. So be on the lookout in the next few weeks for some posts to come up… hopefully! lol


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