Memorial Day 2014

So I’m a little bit behind on blogging yet again… Surprise Surprise. Memorial day weekend was awhile ago yes I know. But I finally have some time to blog about it!

So the weekend consisted of packing and moving out of the apartment. Boring I know…. But Lydia and I made up for that on Monday when we took a quick road trip down to San Antonio to hang out with some friends for the day. It was supposed to storm all day long so we went out to eat lunch. I don’t remember the restaurant name but it was a little mom and pop mexican restaurant. And it was dang good! After living in Texas for almost 4 years I finally found a restaurant salsa that I actually like.

After lunch we decided it looked like it was clearing up so we decided to chance going to Sea World. I haven’t been to Sea World since I was in high school and it was the one in San Diego. The day ended up being perfect! It wasn’t too hot and because of the rain it wasn’t packed. So there were no lines for the rides and all the shows we got great seating! We were at the park all afternoon and until it closed. We rode some water rides in the middle of the afternoon and were still wet when we left… So on the way home we stopped by Wal-Mart to get some dry clothes. Definitely a sign of a good day!

DSC06327 DSC06350IMG_3907IMG_3910IMG_3930IMG_3940IMG_3943IMG_3972DSC06412IMG_3997


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