May… Where Did You Go

To be completely honest… I’m not quite sure where the month of May went. Nor do I remember much of what happened in May. It’s been one of those months where most days I felt like I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. There’s two parts that have fed into this…

Let’s start with the m-word… Moving… Moving from one place to another stinks… But moving from 2 places into 1… Well it lets just say I don’t wish it on anyone. I became primary in a cottage, which is awesome, and I’m real excited about it. But it meant moving from my room in the other cottage I work in to the single quarters in the cottage I’m primary in. My roommate and I also decided to break out lease this month and we had to be out by the 30th. I still had most of my stuff at the apartment. So it became moving from two places into one. Not fun. Not easy. And in the midst of everything else just a little stressful since I didn’t really have a chance to unpack until this week.

Part of the stress came from the fact that the apartment had become home. It was the longest I had lived in any one place since I transferred to Multnomah my 2nd year in college. It was somewhere I settled down, unpacked everything, and had made it a sanctuary. So many great memories in that apartment. With Lydia, tons with her, our neighbor and friend Rob, and other friends.

The second part is the w-word… Work… My co-worker and I had our practice evaluation on the 20th. So we spent every shift we had in that cottage preparing for it. Cleaning, organizing, decorating, working with the boys, just doing everything possible. So in the midst of moving I was also preparing for this… Kinda double whammy. Also there were other frustrations at work that came on during this month. Nothing serious just the result of working with people in general. It’s just been hectic.

I sit here tonight on the last day of May, not knowing where the month went… But glad that it’s over.


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