Story Time

I don’t know if y’all have noticed but I don’t talk much about my work here on the blog. And that is purposeful. I’m not real sure how much I can and can’t share. The other reason is because I would so much rather sit down with a cup of coffee, or chai tea in my case, and chat with you about my work. I just don’t think I can do it justice in a blog post. So I just don’t.

However with that said I wanted to share with y’all a pretty funny conversation that took place. Names are changed for obvious reasons.

My co-worker “Jessie” was making some pico de gallo and wanted some basil from the garden. She called over Mason and said “go to the garden and get some basil for me.” As she was about to tell him where it was located he said I know, I know and walks out the door.

He comes back into the house with an entire plant, with the roots and dropping dirt on the ground. Jessie takes a deep breath making the intake noise and says “You picked my beautiful flowers! I tried to tell you where they were and you said you knew, they are in the planter boxes ” At this point I’m laughing pretty hard. So Mason goes to the cupboard and takes the bottle of dried basil leaves and heads back to the garden and Jessie gets something to replant her flowers.

He comes back yet again with an entire plant, with the roots and dropping dirt on the ground. Jessie again takes a deep breath with the noise and says “You picked my jalapenos!” Mason replies “Look it looks exactly like the picture!” I’m in the other room laughing hysterically at their interaction. So Jessie says “Let’s go to the garden together and I will show you where they are and what to pick.’ She turns to me and says “I’m afraid for my garden he is going to uproot everything looking for basil!”

I was laughing so hard. You may have had to be there to find it funny. But I still giggle every time I think about the interaction. Because Mason really thought he had picked the right thing the right way every time and was all proud to come back in with it. And Jessie was just so devastated that he uprooted any of the plants let alone the wrong ones.


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