Rodeo 2014

So to Rodeo was in town recently… And on my last four days off besides house/dog sitting and eating lots of chocolate the only other thing on my to-do list was to go to the Rodeo! And let me be more specific about this item on my to do list…

Really the item on my to do list was to get a fair corn dog. I love corn dogs. I’m not sure why they just are one of my favorite foods. And fair corn dogs are on a whole different level. There is something about their size, breading, and the dirty oil they are fried in that makes me say “be still my heart.”

So off Lydia and I went to the Rodeo to walk around, see all the animals, look at all the venders, and get our corn dog. Not only did we get a corn dog, but we got one that was the size of our torso… IMG_3697 IMG_3699IMG_3700Please note that we shared the corn dog and did not each eat one. Pretty sure if we would have puked had we each eaten one that size. Anywho… It was delicious! So delicious that my mouth is watering again just looking at these pictures… MMMM

There is one other food that we got at the Rodeo… It is also one that you kinda can’t go to a fair or a rodeo and not get… And that is… IMG_3701The Funnel Cake! Yum Yum. We walked around for about another hour after we ate our  corn dog and let it digest. And then we found a stand and ordered this! We were so excited about it that we had already started eating before I remembered I needed to take a picture… woops..

That ends my Rodeo experience… Most people go for all the rodeo events and the concert… I go to eat a corn dog and funnel cake… ok ok and to see all the animals too!


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