Oh The Plans We Make

I had my whole morning planned out.

4:50 Wake up, brush teeth, throw on sweater, go out to the cottage for the morning with the boys.

6:40ish Say goodbye to the boys and make my smoothie.

7:00 Drink my smoothie and get ready for the day

8:00 Leave to go Tanning and shopping at Old Navy.

How did it actually end up looking??

Insert 5:08 a kid saying I feel like throwing up, and the argument of drinking water and showering to see how he would feel after. Then enter the rest of the morning before getting the kids on the bus of figuring out whether he was staying home from school or going.

Insert 8:30 program manager coming over and saying oh you aren’t going to be in cottage 1 you will be in cottage 11 and change of shift is at 9.

Insert 8:50 having to take clothes to the elementary school for my co-workers child since she was at an appointment with a kid.

So when I got back from taking clothes did I decide to go back to my schedule for the day?? Nope I said plans smans and got back in bed to finish my book 🙂


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