20140222_145227So I know everyone already knows I cut my hair and that I’ve posted all these pictures on Facebook already. But I’m a little behind in blogging and I do want to have this cut documented so here goes…

This haircut is a long time coming. I think when I first decided to cut my hair short I knew deep down I wanted to go real short like this. But I was a little too scared to do it. My best friend had shown me lots of cute pictures of super short hair that she thought would look good on me. But I wasn’t having it at that time. So we found longer short hairstyles.

I did my first cut twice and then found another style a little shorter and still cute and did that one twice as well. But I was pretty bored with it. Because with all four of those cuts I think I lasted a month tops of actually blow dry and straightening it. After that month I would just wash it and put some moose in to help the curls not be frizzy and call it good. It looked the same all the time and it was just plain boring.

So in February I started thinking about getting my haircut again and I knew I needed a different style. So I of course turned to google images and started looking for shorter styles. I found some I loved and some I kind of liked. The ones I loved were way shorter than I had at the time. But I was afraid to get them. The ones I kind of liked were a little shorter than what I had but not by much. I sent the pictures to multiple friends to get their opinions and they all went with the longer ones.

I then called my best friend and told her I was bored with my hair and wanted something different and way shorter than what I had. And she of course pointed out she had shown me lots of the kind of styles I was talking about wanting way back when and I had dismissed her. But after she gloated a bit we spent a good chunk of time looking for a cute hairstyle. And while I ended up choosing one I had already found, we did find some really cute ones that helped me decide to be brave and actually chop it all off.

The day of my haircut finally came and I still didn’t know which one I was going to be choosing. I didn’t know if I could be brave enough to chop it all off or not. It wasn’t until I walked into the salon that I committed to the hairstyle. I told my stylist that I was freaking out because I didn’t know if I could go through with the style I wanted. She laughed at me, looked at the style, and started chopping off my hair. And chop she did!

In the end I’m so glad I chose to go through with it. I’m no longer bored with my hair. It hasn’t looked the same two days in a row. It takes anywhere from 7-10 minutes to blow dry (it probably could go quicker but I do it on low-speed), I maybe use my straightener for 1 minute to touch up my bangs, and a few side pieces that are stubborn and want to curl up, and then however long I decide to spend putting in product and styling. I love it!20140319_105012 20140317_095356 20140309_093513


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