We Ain’t Coming Out…

On my last four days off Lydia and I decided to venture to Waco for a day visit. Really it turned into only a couple hour visit but nonetheless it was fun.

We stayed the night with our friend Laura and her family in their new town and new house. We got to see a little of their town and spend some time with them. It was really good because I hadn’t seen them for a while.

The next morning we woke up and hung around awhile and then drove into Dallas to get In’n’Out. As always it was amazingly delicious!20140306_11273820140306_112816 (1)

After eating we got back in the car and headed to Waco. Our first stop was the Dr Pepper MuseumIMG_3613IMG_3620 IMG_3622 IMG_3635 IMG_3638 IMG_3645 IMG_3653 IMG_3665We both did not sleep very well the night before. So by the time we got here we were a little worn out. We still had a good time and enjoyed the museum but decided we needed to come back someday when we weren’t so worn out. Lydia tried the Dr Pepper they make there, but I did not since I haven’t had soda since the 1st of the year.

After the Dr. Pepper Museum we went to walk the Suspension Bridge and walk along the river. It had turned into a gorgeous day.IMG_3675 IMG_3682
After that we stopped by the Collins Street Bakery got some bread and cookies and head back to make it to girls night out with friends. We took the scenic route home and it was gorgeous seeing the Texas countryside. During this drive back Daphne decided she wanted to drive so we let her and we took naps 🙂1795746_10100295034041521_134763707_n


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