Missing this space and some recent crafts

Since I’ve start my new job, and even a little before that, I’ve neglected this space big time. And it’s not for lack of time, I have time to blog, just haven’t been. I have logged in many many times and hit the add new post button only to log out a few minutes later after staring at a blank post… And I’m not even really sure why. I have had things I’ve wanted to blog about and just haven’t.

All that to say… I miss this space. I miss blogging. And I didn’t realize how much until the past few days. So I hope to be back to blogging more frequently now. Until then here are some crafts I’ve been working on lately 🙂2014-03-04 20.46.46I finished glueing all the letters down on this one tonight (they aren’t glued in this picture). I was making my own mod podge and needed more glue so that didn’t get done until today. So I just need to paint the 2nd coat of coral and then I’ll scratch off the first layer of the letters so they show white through and it will be good to go!20140309_154830We had this popcorn tin lying around in the cottage and I decided I wanted it for my room to put stuff in but I wanted to spray paint it turquoise. I sprayed one line to see how it would cover and then my friend Laura suggested I prime it first. So at this moment it is white with primer and I just need to add the turquoise now. And I’ve decided it’s going to be used as my bathroom trashcan since I need one.20140304_194048A couple here at work who I have become friends with are due with their first little one, a girl, at the end of April. Some people here threw the a baby shower the other day and I wanted to make something for her. So I originally wanted to do something like my first craft I shared with their colors (which are pink, grey and white). But I went to a Walmart that didn’t have their paint colors so in Hobby Lobby with my friend Jamie we spotted the burlap canvas and Jamie came up with the idea of putting hair bow things on as well. So this is how it turned out. I thought it came out real cute.

I also had a pretty good-sized letter “E” that was white from Michael’s. I finally got around to painting it coral and it is hanging up in my room as well! That’s pretty much what I’ve been crafting. I’m going to have to find some new ideas now that I’m almost done with all the ones I had on my to do list.


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