What’s New In Bullet Points

Since I can’t seem to publish a real blog post I figured I could at least bullet point some new things in my life since the last time I blogged.

  • Christmas break for the kiddos was tiring… I was so thankful when they went back to school… To be fair we had a cottage sponsor take us out on fun outings multiple days in a row, and my work had gotten money donated for the break and had multiple events, and neither of those things are normal…. But still kinda scared for summer
  • With that said I’m trying to take less naps during the days I’m working… Once summer comes they will be non-existent. Plus there are much better things I could be doing with my time.
  • I started a new read through the bible in a year plan (although I’m like a week behind right now) it’s a context plan. It’s been good so far.
  • I moved from the staff house into a cottage. It’s only been a few days so can’t judge yet. Tomorrow is the first morning the boys will be up before me so we’ll see how that goes. And my first off days while living here are starting Saturday…
  • I have a friend from P-town who is teaching overseas in Germany and fell while rock climbing and had back surgery and doesn’t have much feeling in her legs. But she is a rockstar and is praising God through it all. Check out her blog here and also you can get regular updates on her Post Hope Page.
  • I’m thinking as a birthday present to myself (yes I know it’s a little less than 8 months away) I’m going to get a dog! There are other reasons why I’m waiting until then other than just a birthday present to myself. But that one sounds the best lol.

I think that’s it on new stuff. Hopefully I’ll be back soon to write a meaningful post soon. Until then… I miss you all!


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