How To Cure “The Monday’s” #4

Today, I discovered another cure for “The Monday’s.” If you don’t remember the first 3 ways then go here, here, or here. These all had to do with having food in a crocpot to look forward to for dinner. Today’s is a little different, and you can thank my new job for that!

So for the past 2 weeks I have been in training, mostly classroom training, and the evenings were working with the kids. But today marked the end of our classroom training! Oh ya! Starting tomorrow I will be working with the kids. So the classroom training has ended and now the hands-on training begins!

But to culminate our training they scheduled a graduation ceremony for us today. So we had a lunch where they presented our certificates, let everyone know where we would be working, and a little about each of us. Then we got to partake of some wonderful homemade fried chicken, baked, beans, salad, and some wonderful dessert. Definitely cured my case of “the Monday’s.” And if that didn’t then having the rest of the day off for sure did 🙂



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