What’s Gonna Work?? Teamwork!!!!

A couple of nights ago Lydia and I decided it was time to put up our fall decorations on the mantle. It probably would have been done earlier but we did not have a chance to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving this year. So we finally got around to it this week. I’d say it was a team effort this time more than ever before. I threw some ideas into the mix and we each worked on the banner we hung. We took a play from the wonder pets… Are they even still around?

Anywho… Here is our fall mantle this yearIMG_3525Now before you get in a tizzy saying it’s not even Halloween yet why do you have a Happy Thanksgiving sign up… Fear not… Because tonight we carved our pumpkins…. It’s been awhile since I’ve carved a pumpkin. I carved one my first year here in Texas, and haven’t done one since. I used to do it every year. My best friends family always has a pumpkin carving party. And let me tell you there are some pretty good pumpkins that come out of it every year! I sure miss going to those parties and carving pumpkins with her and her fam bam.

But Lydia and I had our own party this year. And while her’s wins for nicest looking, mine wins for the most fun!IMG_3533





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