One Moment From Your Day

I turned 25 almost a month ago. And as you know from this post, and this post on my birthday I like to set 3 goals or things I want to accomplish in my next year of life. 

Last year my goals were 1. Get accepted into grad school… And I failed. Which is totally fine by me because it wasn’t the Lord’s timing and I know that now with my new job. 2. Reach my goal weight… I pretty much stopped trying once the holiday’s hit last year, and I’ve been trying on and off since then to get serious about it again… 3. Be able to run 10 miles straight…. I reached 7. Which is still really good. But after I broke a bone in my foot in our 10k race and had to take 6 weeks off, running has been hit or miss… I am hoping to get back to it now though!

Seeing as how I failed miserably at all 3 from last year, I wasn’t jumping at the bit to set goals for this year. I think it was also because life was in flux when my birthday came around I didn’t really want to think about the next year and what it would entail. 

I knew one thing for sure though…. I wanted to write down one memory from each day. Whether a good, bad, sad, glad, mad, etc. Just one moment from the day. If you have been on Pinterest for any length of time you have probably seen a pin like this

I’ve always wanted to do it, but never have committed before. So this year I decided my only goal would be to do this. So far I have kept up pretty well with writing down a memory a day. And if I forget I just catch up the next time I think about it. I have not created a little box with index cards with dates on them yet, so far I’ve just kept them in a word document on my computer. But sometime in the next year I will accomplish making the box and note cards in it!



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