The Timing Of It All

I have been a little MIA around this blog lately. It’s not because I didn’t want to blog. I logged in to wordpress most days in the past couple months, and even pressed the “add new post” button most times. I have done my fair share of fluff blog posts, but I never enjoy writing them or even pressing publish on those. So I just decided to not post instead of trying to push one of those out.

You see my life has been in flux for the past 2 months or so, and while I wanted to share about it all, it just wasn’t the right time to post it on the internet for all the world to see (not that all the world reads my blog, but you get what I mean). But now finally I can share some of it!

It really all started back in May I believe (which I know is more than the last couple months but in looking back this is where it all started). I had been in my current job, pretending to be a business woman, for 2 years. And I knew I wanted to get a job full time working with youth and kids. So I started looking for jobs. I found one that was a couple hours away from where I live now; one that seemed perfect. It was kind of like a youth director position but with the added job description of providing recreational activities too. So it was like a P.E./Youth Director position. Right up my alley. But I didn’t apply till probably 2 weeks or so after I found the listing. It didn’t say when the listing was posted. But I finally applied and two days later got the notice that they had just hired someone. I was bummed, more than bummed actually. I was crushed.

At that point I lost all motivation to find a new job (after looking once, terrible I know). I let that crushed feeling stay. I just decided to quit looking. I was fine in the job I was in and didn’t want to try again.

Then came August… I found out my job was ending, due to department restructuring. At that point it was up in the air of when it was actually going to end. So I sort of started looking for a job but not much. As the month drew to a close I started to get a little more serious about it, but still not really caring (terrible attitude I know).

September marked my 3 year anniversary of living in Texas. Which I knew would give me the itch to move. I stayed in P-town for 3 years, and then moved. So it seemed like that might be a good idea here too. But as I was praying about finding a job, and moving, I felt the Lord saying to put down some roots, it wasn’t time to move.

I ended up applying to work for a different department within the company I was working for, and getting that job, to start on Oct 1st. But even with that I got a little more serious about trying to find a job working with youth and kids full time, in state and out of state (even though I felt the Lord telling me to stay). As I was talking to some people at church about where I was applying they gave some other suggestions of places I could apply.

One of the places mentioned by my friends at church was not too far from where I go to church and live now, and had 2 positions open. One called “single teaching parent” and one called “college and career mentor.” The single teaching parent one scared me, but it’s really the one I wanted. But because I was scared I applied for the college and career mentor position. I called two weeks later to check on my application and found out they had already filled that position, but the single teaching parent position was still open and while that one was more involved it was still kind of a similar position. So I told them to transfer my application to that position. It was really the one I wanted but had just been too scared to actually apply for it.

Well the same afternoon I had called and switched my application I got a call asking if I could come the next day for an interview. Of course I said yes.

So I went to the interview. It was intense. There was 4 people interviewing me, and they grilled me for close to 35 minutes (which might not seem like very long, but it was my first real interview and that was a long time for me). Then they talked about the position a little more in depth and let me ask questions. They said they weren’t sure of their timeline, and whether they could get the training in before the end of the year. A week or so later they emailed me asking for references, and a couple days after that they asked for my information for a background check, and then another few days after that they called me for a 2nd interview with the Executive Director. All good signs, and I was stoked!

Last Thursday was my 2nd interview with the Executive Director, and the head of HR was also in this interview. It was not as intense as the first interview, but still a little intense. The days leading up to the interview my prayer was that if it was where the Lord wanted me He would make it clear to me. And while in the interview He made it clear as day that yes this was where He wanted me.

After the interview they asked me to sit in the lobby for a few minutes while they talked. So I went out to the lobby and sat for maybe a minute or so and the head of HR walks out and asks me to go to his office with him. After we got to his office he then offered me the position! And of course I said yes!

In thinking back I just stand amazed at how the Lord worked, and how His timing is the best. You see I was ready back in May to get a new job, to be working with youth and kids full time, I was ready to up and move when I found a position and leave everything behind here, not because I didn’t like it here (I do, just read back over the many posts about how much I love Texas), or because I didn’t love the people in my life here (I do very very much). I just thought it was time to spread my wings again and move on. But it wasn’t God’s timing. It wasn’t the position He had for me.

The position He had for me was here. Close to all the people I know here. I can continue to grow roots, and yet it’s still different enough that it’s like I’m moving, filling that itch to move on. Because the position is time intensive I won’t see everyone as much as I do now. It’s a different lifestyle. It just blows me away that He would provide a position like this for me, and to orchestrate it in his timing and in His plan. God is so good! And His timing and plan are perfect!

So why can I share all of this now…. Well I start the training for this new job on November 4th. So while I’ve known for a week that I’ve had the job I couldn’t post for the world to see until after I put in my two-week notice at my current job. That notice went in this afternoon. So now here I am, sharing my story, and sharing how amazing the Lord and His perfect plan is!


One thought on “The Timing Of It All

  1. This is so awesome!! Congrats! Doesn’t God’s timing just blow your mind? I had a very similar experience earlier this year with job hunting. It took SO long, but I finally have a job that doesn’t make me miserable, and just at the right time too.

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