A Color Run

I have been dying to do a color run for about 2 years now…. But they are always pretty pricey… Usually somewhere around $50. And call me crazy but I don’t really want to pay $50 to run a 5k. I don’t mind paying between $25-$35. But $50? Ya no thank you!

But then came this little email with a discount code for 50% off the price… And I became interested. $25 to do a color run, yup sounds awesome! Trouble was Lydia was out of town and the code was only good for 5 days. So I just let it go and thought maybe some other time. Then came a facebook message from a friend at church, asking what runs Lydia and I planned on doing this year, and how she saw a color run in another town coming up. So I quickly checked my email to see if my 50% off code had expired… Turns out it was the last day. So we had 4 hours to decide yay or nay and then register… Well of course we decided yay!

20131012_165557_resizedAll in all a wonderful time! And we got drenched in the color powder!



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