Things that make your birthday great!

I turned 25 last week. 25 seems so much more adult than 24 or 23 did. Yes I know it’s a year older so it should seem that way. But it’s still weird. I feel as though I should be all grown up or something. Anywho… Since I had an awesome birthday I thought I would share with you some of the things (not in any particular order) that made my birthday so awesome!

1. I started celebrating the night before! What can I say that’s how I roll!  We had family dinner where I got to pick the meal and dessert. And we hung out talking and having fun!

2. Frito Pie.. Yup it’s good!

3. Being able to open up my presents from my family first thing in the morning! (I used to have to wait all day until the evening after dinner… that’s lame sauce! lol)

4. Phone calls or FaceTime calls with family and friends in California! It’s awesome that even though I’m halfway across the country I can still celebrate with them as well!

5. The NCIS Season Premier… There may have been many distractions, and pauses, and kids running around being loud. But hey I got to watch it when it aired. And I caught most of what was going on! I’d say it was a win and it made my birthday great!

6. My Texas Family. They are such a huge blessing in my life and they made the day, and night before, so much better! So thankful for them!

7. Cookie butter… Self explanatory if you’ve read this post.

8. Marble cake… It’s pretty much delicious. And it’s my second favorite (right behind Texas Sheet Cake).

9. Brownies and Ice Cream…. Yup it was my birthday and calories don’t count… lol I wish!

10. Facebook… When Facebook tells all your friends it’s your birthday, they write on your timeline in droves! And it makes the day that much more special. Thanks to all who wished me a happy day!

11. All my friends who came to my party! And even the ones who couldn’t make it because I knew they wanted to be there but just couldn’t! Thanks y’all!

12. Homemade salsa, sausage balls, and wings… So good…

13. All the wonderful gifts I was blessed with!

14. The work day did not drag on! It was a bummer that I had to be at work. But the day went by fast.

I’m sure there were many more things that made it great. But that’s all I can think of right now! So again thanks to everyone who helped make my birthday awesome! And lots of thanks to the Lord who blessed me with this past year of life!


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