Hello my name is Juliann and I am a cookie butter addict…

How did I find this out?? Was it the fact that I ate half a jar in two days, without even eating half the bag of pretzels I bought to go with it? Nah that’s not too terrible… I was having a veg weekend when I did that so it’s justified… So was it the fact that I put it on my birthday list and got 3 jars of it… Nah they were gifts… Is it that I will just eat it by the spoonful… Nope lots of people do that… So what made me realize I was an addict? biscoff Trader Joe's

Last night did… I knew that if I brought my pretzels home from work I would end up having pretzels and cookie butter for dinner. Since I’m trying to cut back on cookie butter I decided to leave the pretzels at work…

So what did I do when I got home… I proceeded to eat like 10 of these guys
cookiesThese cookies are what cookie butter is made out of… And in the midst of chowing down on these wonderful little cookies I started to think…. “Huh I wonder if I should put some cookie butter on top of these…”

It was right then I realized I have a problem… I’m a cookie butter addict… But am I going to do anything to address this problem…. Nope, nothing at all!



3 thoughts on “Intervention

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