You know those weekends where you get to do next to nothing… The weekends where staying up late on a Friday night doesn’t matter because you can sleep in the next morning (well if you decide to skip your run that is)… The weekends where on Saturday you only leave the couch to get food, go to the bathroom, or get another movie off the shelf… The weekends where you eat half a jar of cookie butter in a day… The weekends where after church and lunch on Sunday you go home only to park yourself back on the couch until bed time… The weekends where you watch lots of movies, and tv shows…

Those weekends are glorious! And I don’t get too many of them… But this past weekend… It was totally one of those! With the slight difference that I also took a quick trip to the store to get some pretzels and something quick and easy for dinner. I had eaten my last ramen for brunch (and didn’t have anything to eat for dinner) and my mom had sent me cookie butter so I needed pretzels duh. Other than that though I sat on the couch and watched movies all day, while playing with my phone and the new iOS 7 features on it!

I watched-

Leap YearLast Man StandingNew Girl






Knight and Day

The Italian Job

Nick and Norah







The Proposal

House Bunny LAvsSEA





What did y’all do over the weekend?



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