You Gotta Run Run Run

This afternoon after I got home from work I made myself get into work out clothes and head to the gym. I was  going to gut out a 2 mile run even if it killed me. You see I haven’t consistently worked out since before our 10k in February. It’s been hit or miss since. And in the last two months it’s been more miss than hit. I haven’t run in at least a month, if not more (it might actually be closer to 2 months). And the longer I kept going without running the less and less I wanted to run. I knew the longer I went the more stamina I was losing, and the harder it would be to start running again.

I think sometimes we approach our relationships with the Lord this way. We are spending time with Him consistently, growing in our relationship with him, able to spend more and more time in His word, in prayer, in listening. And then we miss a quiet time here, and then another one there. And soon we getting less and less consistent with our time with Him. We let other things get in the way, we don’t make it a priority. We know the more time we choose not to be consistent with our time with Him the harder it’s going to be for us to start again. We’ve given the enemy that foothold in our lives and he doesn’t want to give it up that easily. The enemy doesn’t want us spending time with the Lord consistently, so he tries his hardest to keep us away whenever he gets the chance.

My 2 mile run tonight didn’t kill me. Yes it was hard. Yes I got a stomach cramp. Yes it was tiring. Yes I wanted to quit after 5 minutes of running. Yes it was hard to push through the cramps, and wanting to quit. But was it worth it? Yes. Did I rediscover my love of running? Heck yes. Despite the pain, despite being tired and being short of breath, I was rekindled with my love of running. Even as I fought to focus on the sermon I was listening to instead of focusing on not being able to breath or my stomach cramp or how much time had gone by, I still realized how much I’ve missed my running times. How much good it does for me.

I think the same thing happens when we start spending time with the Lord again. Is it hard to focus? Yeah sometimes. Is hard to make it a priority again? Yeah sometimes (even though it shouldn’t be). But is it worth it? You can bet your bottom dollar! Do we rediscover our love of the Savior? Do we rediscover our love of His word? Do we rediscover that He is worth it? Do we rediscover why we so desperately need consistent time with Him? Yes, yes we do to all of those things!

So if you are struggling to spend time with Him consistently. Or if you are in that place where it’s been awhile and you know it will be hard to start again… Just start! Rediscover your love of the Savior and your intimate time with Him! Don’t just walk to Him…. RUN RUN RUN into the arms of LOVE


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