The Moon Comes Up And The Sun Goes Down

IMG_3498I left Bible study last night and I was thinking about this that and the other just kinda in my own little world. I turned down the road to get to the freeway and I looked up and saw the moon. It was huge, full, and yellowy-orange. It was beautiful. I was no longer lost in my own little world of thought.

Thinking back over the last two weeks, I’ve realized I’ve been kinda lost in my own little world and thoughts. Lost in this is what I need to do, this is where I need to be at this moment, this is what is next. And just had tunnel vision, with blinders on. Lost in myself, my selfishness, and my pride.

So last night it was such a good reminder to be fully engaged in each and every moment in life. To not just have the attitude of getting through the thing you are doing so you can move on to the rest. But instead taking the moments as they come, engaging with the people around you, and following the Lord’s leading in witnessing, loving, caring encouraging, or whatever He wants you to do in each and every day. Not being lost in yourself, but present in every moment.


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