A little Dexter review

dexterNot going to lie… I am very sad this show is ending. 4 more episodes and then I’ll be left with re-runs…. I may shed a few tears… Who knows…

And now let me throw a little disclaimer: If you haven’t watched any of this season and are planning to you probably shouldn’t read any further. I’m not giving super big spoilers or anything but you may just want to experience it all for the first them when you watch it. With that said… let’s talk about this season!

It has been an intriguing season for sure! I go back and forth between liking Dr. Vogel and hating her. I can’t decide which. I’m also a little suspicious of her even when I like her. She adds a new dynamic that I think I like though. I for sure think she is crazy though.

The other thing that has been intriguing this season is the tension between Dexter the “human” and Dexter the “monster”. Throughout the seasons they have made him more and more “human”. And this season, especially with Dr. Vogel around, one minute you think he is going to toss all that progress out the window and the next he is fighting for it. So I’ve found myself getting bummed a couple of times when it seems He is tossing it all out the window, but they have redeemed it every time. But in thinking back on it now I like that they have that tension, even if I get sad sometimes lol.

I have never been as scared for Dexter to get caught as I was in this weeks episode. Up until this season there was no question about Him getting caught. Why would he get caught when you knew there were more seasons coming. But with this being the last season getting caught is one option for the ending. And with all the webs they have spun I was legitimately scared he was going to get caught last night as we were watching this weeks episode.

The writers have spun so many different webs this season. And up until this weeks episode it didn’t seem like they were bringing resolution to any of them. And with only 4 episodes left I’m not sure how they are going to bring it all back together. And I have no idea how it’s all going to end. It has kept me guessing for sure.

With all that said… I’m not sure how I want this series to end (not that what I want matters any to the writers). I definitely don’t want him to get caught. I don’t want him to get killed either. And fleeing leaves it too open for the series ending. I really want him to just live happily ever after and have none of those three options happen. But I read an interview with the writer about this season and the question of a happy ending was raised and he said something along the lines of Dexter is a serial killer and they only have a few endings and none of them are particularly happy. So I’m trying not to hold out hope for a happy ending so I don’t get crushed!

Have any of you been watching this season? What do you think of it? What do you think is going to happen in the end? What do you want to happen in the end?


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