Confession… Education

I have a confession to make… I have a slight problem… But admitting it is the first step right? Or is denial the first step and admission the second? I don’t know… In any case… I’m here to admit something… But it takes a little background first…

she'sthemanI quote She’s The Man all the time! At least once a day… If not more… And I think of quoting it (but don’t because they wouldn’t get the quote) probably around 5 times per day.

Case in point. The other night I was texting a friend…daniel textMy next response was going to be “Beckham does it all the time!” But I refrained… Mostly because my friend would not have gotten the quote, or thought it was funny.

And that’s when I realized my problem… I have no one to quote She’s The Man to around here. No one around here gets my quotes… Some people have seen the movie but don’t remember the quotes, or don’t like the movie (which is crazy talk to me!). And most other’s haven’t seen it and don’t care to see it (also crazy talk).

So when I realized this I text my brother…brendan textHis response… Classic Brendan…. I keep trying to get Him to move here and his answer is always heck no. But this time he found a funny way to say it! And then quoted another classic Amanda Bynes movie… Needless to say I was laughing, and wanting him to move here more! (Also please forgive my misuse of the form of to/too/two).

So in order to fix my problem… Here are a few She’s The Man quotes you all should learn! Also these are some of the quotes I use most often…rub some dirt in it
man guy guy man
I'm so there it's insane
bro brothers brethrenOther quotes that I couldn’t find pictures for…

“Dude quite blushing that’s lame!”

“Then why don’t you date him mom?”

“Hello, my life sucks!”

“I’m here for you bro, got a lifetime of knowledge!”


One thought on “Confession… Education

  1. Oh I have found my graceland!!! Loved this post, I will now go and watch she’s the man AGAIN!!! It is truly one of my fav movies and I also quote it alllll the time. I laughed at your “Beckham does it all the time” line. If only there was a universe where quote don’t need to be explained… or references.

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