Before I Became Famous!

So this morning I watched this video about what celebrities did before they were famous… And it got me thinking what they would say about me if I ever became famous.

So let’s head on over to this imaginary world where I’m famous for a sec… Totally imaginary since I probably won’t ever be famous (not to mention I don’t want to be famous!)… Here are four things they would say I used to do before I came famous…

1. “She would climb mountains for fun.”

calebaltapeakAnd well they would be correct in that. I do like to climb mountains… So what that I’ve only really ever climbed 1 real mountain, and a couple of hills… They would be more accurate if they took their observations from this picture102_1322

2. “She golfed like a pro102_2253Yup that’s right, back in my day I was so pro… So pro I regularly had to dig my way out of a sand trap… Also I may have let the club fly out of my hands after connecting with the ball a time or two… What you aren’t supposed to see how far your club goes?? Oh…. But there was this one time I got a birdie on a par 3 hole! The hole even had a huge pond in front of the green that you had to avoid! Yup pro status right there!

3. “She practiced her modeling skills all the time”b6
4. “She was a cannibal. “bathphoto2What can I say… You do some crazy stuff in college. (Just fyi I did not actually eat any of her ear, or any part of her for that matter)

If you became famous what would the critics say you used to do?


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