Work It

Since I’m having a bit of a blog post inspiration block I decided I would link-up with Erin from Living in Yellow for “I Would Work For…”

So here goes… I would work for…

A huge library in my house… And I’m well on my way considering I’ve filled two bookshelves and have a plastic container under my bed full of books. Not to mention the bookshelf at my parents house still…. So lovely!

To be BFF’s with these three guys! Really I would take just Landon Donovan (the one on the left), if I had to choose just one. Especially since I’m already bff’s with Becks in my dreams (and probably the only girl who dreams about David Beckham fully clothed).

Tillamook Ice Cream in Texas! This one would be obvious if you follow me on Facebook or instagram…. It’s just soo good! And way better than bluebell. I would work to bring it here!

A tan! Specifically without getting skin cancer. Even if I tanned in a tanning bed… Wouldn’t that be wonderful! And I would work for it for sure!

A Husky!! Or two… They are just so pretty! And I love them… And I would totally put in the work they take! Someday…

And I’ll finish with the huskies… Look at those faces!

What are some things you would work for?


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