Oh the joy…

It’s Monday…. And I definitely was not ready to get out of bed this morning when my alarm went off for work… boo! I had a wonderful weekend, and was sure not ready for it to be over… But alas it is… So let’s recap!1staugustweekend1. The weekend started out with the final day of puppy sitting! Jess and Laura weren’t getting back till super late Friday night/early Saturday morning. So I stayed Friday night at their house again. Ruby wanted attention and was being super stubborn/not listening, ya know typical puppy behavior, so I finally told her that bad dogs don’t get rewarded and right after I said that she lays down and rolls over and smiles like the picture shows. I’m so glad I had my phone in my hand so I could capture it. It was too funny. Needless to say she got attention after this, but only because she calmed down as well!

2. I’ve been re-watching the entire series of Greek since June… It’s been slow going. Haven’t had much time to devote to it/needing to devote my free time to more important things. But this weekend I finally finished the last season… So good!

3. I went home Saturday morning! Finally home! I counted the days up that I was actually home in July and it was 14 out of 31… And of those 14 days at least 3 of them were getting home around 10:30pm going straight to bed to be back up and gone at 6:20am, so do they really count… Only slightly. But because I was home I got to sit on my couch and read! It was glorious!

4. Rainbow sherbet… So good! May have had way too much of it this weekend… But it was so refreshing and good!

5. What I wore to church. The wedges are new so I thought I would get some use out of them! And the shirt= the softest fancy t-shirt I’ve ever owned. And best part about it… it was only $3! It was on clearance from Walmart! I had on a coral necklace that you can’t see in the picture as well!

6. So since my roommate finished the bar exam on Thursday, and I was finally home we got to spend time hanging out! We haven’t spent too much time together in the last 3 months, with her studying for the bar and me being gone all the time. So we pigged out on rainbow sherbet, and kettle corn. And we watched Mr. Hottie aka Josh Duhamel on the screen! We had seen Safe Haven in theaters but we wanted to watch it again! It’s a good one!

All in all a wonderful weekend! What were y’all up to this weekend?

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