How do you draw everything we are

IMG_3349If you haven’t read yesterday’s post you should go read that first. It’s the first and overarching recap of my P-town trip! Today I’m here for part two- Friday! Part three, the bachelorette party and wedding, will come later this week.

Friday morning I got up super early so I could meet Laura for breakfast and to hang out and talk for a while. I was excited to get to see her because she is moving to Germany to teach missionary kids for two years (at least). Check out her blog if you want to know more about how and why!

Anywho… We met at 7:30am and we went to The Waffle Window. In my three years of living in P-town I never once went to The Waffle Window… I heard about it, heard how awesome it was. I just never made it over there. So I was excited. And it did not disappoint! I just got their regular waffle that they put powdered sugar all over! Sooo good!IMG_3344
IMG_3347After we got our waffles we went across the street to Starbucks to sit and talk. And talk we did! It was so good getting to catch up with her! We don’t get to talk all that often, we are both really busy, but when we do get to talk it’s really good! We catch up not by saying “What’s new?” but just by talking and sharing stories.

We hung out until around 11:15 when we both had to get going. She was going to the beach with some friends and I was of to have lunch with another friend! That friend was Naomi! We met at a grocery store, got some lunch and walked to the park to have a picnic! It was a gorgeous day out and we would get to talk and not be interrupted by waiters or whatever else! So we enjoyed the sunshine and each other! We had a good time catching up! And I got a little sunburnt before we moved into the shade ;). Also as much as I tried to be a good blogger and get pictures I forgot to take one with Naomi 😦

After hanging out with Naomi I had some free time. So I drove over to another park to hang out in the shade and practice a song I needed to work on for Awaken. Also I may have dozed off for a bit (only getting 3 hours of sleep the night before will make you tired). Then I chose to take a walk down by the river. So glad I did because it was gorgeous! IMG_3369That evening I got to have dinner with Chad and Brynn, Matt and Ashley, and Josh Angela and their son Ryder. I went to church with all of them when I lived in P-town. And they are some of my favorite people! Brynn and Ashley cooked some amazing chicken tacos! And we just all hung out and talked. We caught up on each other’s lives, and how the Lord’s been working. We talked about churches, blogs, dogs, and lots of other stuff!

They asked me the “hard” questions about my life. What I’m doing with school-I’m unsure. Am I going to stay in Texas forever-no. How long am I staying then-Until the Lord says move. Have you been talking to Him about that-not as much as I should. Then how will you know-I won’t. Ya know all the questions I’ve been avoiding and trying not to think about. And they were the exact questions I needed to be asked. The ones the Lord has been laying on my heart and I’ve been ignoring.

IMG_3386So all in all it was a very good day! I wish I had more time with everyone, but am very thankful for the time I did get and for how great that time was!


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