I’ve been a little MIA over here lately because life is just busy. But good busy. Doing lots of fun stuff. Here’s a little recap of the past few days and my plans for the rest of the week

Saturday- Blood drive at church, and a Graduation/Going away party for one of our youth. She left for Navy Boot camp on Tuesday. Then swimming was on the agenda but it started pouring rain and didn’t let up for a long time.

Sunday- Sunday School, Church, In-door Picnic.

Monday- Work, and then packing for my trip. And by packing I mean I put all my clothes in a duffel bag. But didn’t pack much else lol oops. Also I learned how to play part of a song we will be doing Sunday evening.

Tuesday- Work, then band practice for “Awaken” our worship time this coming Sunday Evening!

Today- Work, stopping by the store for some last-minute stuff, and dessert for later tonight. Youth group. Then dinner, dessert, and Dexter watching with Elyse and Brian. Then I’ll head home to finish packing (everything but bathroom stuff I’ll need in the morning).

Tomorrow- Put the final stuff in my duffel bag and head to work. Leaving at 3 to head to the airport. Flying to P-town. Then picking up the rental car and heading to the end of Katie’s Bachelorette Party! Staying with Katie that night.

Friday- Up early to have breakfast with Laura, and to hang out and talk. Then I’ll meet up with Naomi for lunch! Afternoon plans are not set in stone. The next thing I know for sure is dinner with Ashley and Matt, Brynn and Chad, and maybe Angela and Josh!

Saturday- Helping set up the reception venue for Katie and Bryan’s wedding. Attending their wedding and reception! And then I have no idea.

Sunday- Get up ridiculously early to return my rental car and fly back home! Head to Jess and Laura’s to relieve Sierra of Ruby (their dog) duty. Then heading to church at 4 for practice before Awaken. Awaken, and snow-cones afterward! And then back to Jess and Laura’s to house/dog sit!

So if I continue to be a little MIA over here… Now you know why! But I’ll be back next week with pictures from P-town for sure!



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