Chop Chop Chop

I’ve been wanting to chop all my hair off for a couple of months now… Go shorter than I have ever gone before. I’m not quite sure where this desire came from. But it was a pretty strong one… I tended to ignore it most times. But I would find myself searching on Google images for cute short hairstyles, I would try to picture myself with short hair. I even started trying to get up earlier so if I did cut my hair I would be used to getting up in enough time to style it… That one failed miserably though. So I put the desire aside…

That is until the past month… And then it came back with a vengeance. I just wanted to chop it all off! So I called and made a hair appointment. That was two and a half weeks ago. She was busy the next week on Wednesday and I have no free Saturday’s at the moment. So I had to wait until the 17th (yesterday). No big deal for me! I knew I wanted to chop it off. I didn’t think waiting would make me chicken out or anything…

And I was mostly right. I was completely calm and excited about it until Tuesday afternoon when I was leaving work… And then I started freaking out. Big time… before freak outYup like that… So it kept everyone guessing whether I was going to go through with it or not… Even me. For sure I was getting my haircut… Just how short was the question…

But once I got to the salon there was no question about it. I was going through with it!AfterBam! Hair=gone! And I love it! So far at least… I haven’t had to style it yet. I just had a few touch up pieces this morning. So ask me again tomorrow after I’ve had to style it myself to see how I feel about it… My guess is… I will still love it!


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